Thursday, December 20, 2012

Graduation Day!

     So this past Sunday I graduated from college! After 4.5 years I've earned my Bachelor's degree in History with a minor in English, sooo excited! It was a long day, lots of waiting around, but it was definitely worth it. 
       When I first started college, my parents wanted me to choose a major in which I would make a lot of money. So my first major was Health Sciences, with plans to go on to grad school for Occupational Therapy. While this track is a great choice and in that field you get to help many people in need of rehabilitation, it was not the right way for me. Since I can remember, my nose has been stuck in any book I could get my hands on. I was in Honors English classes since 7th grade, and even took an extra AP History class in high school (AP European History to be exact). I really wanted to do something with either English or History but I couldn't vocalize exactly what that would be to my parents, as I knew then and know now that I will never be a teacher (I have a huge fear of public speaking!) and that was the only occupation I really knew of that you could use a History or English degree towards. So I went with the safe route of the health field.
      That lasted for the first year and a half of college, and then I started researching. I looked at all different careers in which you could apply History, and curating was my first pick. That's what I told my parents and I went to school the next day and changed my major, and it was the best I could have made. In my History classes I felt at home, I got to read all kinds of interesting stories and learned so much from professors. I always had a love for 20th century Europe, mainly WWI and WWII, but through one class I learned so much more than the general facts everyone glazes over in high school. I also got to take amazing classes on the Middle East, Central America, Medieval Europe, and 17th Century America. As school went on, I started to miss English classes, and I decided that I would add English as a minor. So I took one poetry class and one American fiction class and that solidified my decision, and started my love of poetry, which before that class I couldn't stand. My favorite is beat poetry, give me Ginsberg and Kerouac any day.
      With this change, I wanted to explore more options on career to maybe include the English aspect. So I did a bit more research, searching museum occupations, and came across working in museum libraries and archives. This seemed like a dream, to use both my love of history and my love of books in one job, and this changed my occupation goal for the last time. This past summer I spent a little over 2 months at the International Women's Air and Space Museum working on reorganizing their library. This was the best experience, I got to do so much and they had the faith in me to take on that large project, which is now being continued by another intern. At the same time I was applying for grad school, at Kent State University. Kent is the only university in Ohio that has an ALA accredited Library and Information Sciences program, and it also just recently added a Museum Studies specialization. After submitting my final reference letter I waited what felt like the longest 3 weeks ever and was accepted into the program!
     Anyway, back to the actual day, I found some of my classmates to spend the day with. As I went to a commuter college, I'm not one of those college graduates who has a million friends from college, most of my best dear friends are from high school, and even though we all go to different schools now they were rooting for me in the audience. It's a great accomplishment and I'm so happy to be done with one step in my higher education, now on to grad school, I'm sure there will be many posts on that adventure.
                                                                                     Until next time darlings,

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