Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Workin' On My Fitness

    Haha, I apologize for the cheesy title, the song just popped in my head when I sat down to write this. Lately I've been trying to be more active and work out more often. Since I take classes online and work in a library, I don't move around so much anymore. Honestly, most of my days I end up sitting for a big part of it! So I decided it was time to actually make an effort to make exercise part of my routine.


     I've always liked walking/running, but I normally just do it in the summer. I love going to the metroparks early in the morning, but I'm too much of a chill baby to go in the winter (plus, living in northeast Ohio most of the winter there's too much snow to do that).


      So here's my new changes, and hopefully by sharing this here I can actually keep up with it
    • Run on treadmill/outside at least twice a week      
    • Elliptical once a week
    • Yoga class once a week
I'm really excited about yoga, I've always wanted to take actual yoga classes, I used to do a lot of DVDs, but I've signed up and my first class will be this coming Monday. I'll let you know how it goes!

Is anyone starting a new workout routine? How is it going?
                                                                            Until next time darlings,
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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Baking Day: Carmel Apple Cinnamon Rolls!

Hello! So lately I've been baking a lot, I guess it's a new hobby of mine! So I've been busy finding recipes everywhere, a lot from pinterest, and a lot of them are fromthe blog Sally's Baking Addiction. My latest baking experiment was to make Carmel Apple Cinnamon Rolls, which came out so well and was a big hit with my family.

Photos by me.

The directions were very easy to follow, the only thing I would warn you about is the amount of waiting you will be doing for these! You have to let the dough rise for about an hour twice during the process, it definitely ends up being an all day project, but believe me it was worth it. Do you like baking? What are some of your favorite goodies?
                                                                             Until next time darlings,

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Goals for this Year

Soooo, it's way past January now but to go along with my last post I want to set some goals for myself. I did make some New Year's resolutions, and I'll share some of them along with this list but I'm going to add to the list here.

*Read 30 books this year

*Get my first tattoo

*Run a 5k

*Run on a regular basis

*Start doing yoga/taking yoga classes on a regular basis

*Bake something new at least once a week

*Start knitting regularly again

*Try somewhere new at least once a month

*Take a painting/pottery/art class

*Try to make new friends

*Put more effort into my little blog here!

So as I complete projects I'll update little snippets here and there but at the end of the year I will see if I actually completed all of my goals.
                                                                              Until next time darlings,

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Long Time No See...

Hello all,
I'm sorry I am so bad at this blogging thing. Honestly I have been going through a bunch of changes this past month and have been really distracted by it.
     Over the past month I've started a new part time job at a library, which is where I want to end up eventually, so this is a pretty big test run on if I actually want to be a librarian or if I just really like the idea of it. The good thing is, I'm really liking my job so far and I think actually working in a library setting is going to help me when it comes to some of my classes because I can ask real librarians questions if I need to and they're all really encouraging. It's nice to have that support from them. I have the best coworkers, I have never had such a great bunch of people who hold my same interests, not just in library work, but in books, some nerdiness, culture and history.
     I started grad school, it's been about 5 weeks and I'm halfway through my first classes. It's been a bit of a learning curve becoming a complete distance learner. In undergrad I was a commuter and had taken a few online classes, but I always still had class and had interactions with other students, teachers, just people in general. You don't really realize how much you miss the bustle of being forced to be around people on a daily basis. I have always been a busy person. Throughout college I went to school full time and worked pretty much full time (35-40 hrs a week) at a department store, but on a pretty demanding team. I was rarely home, just home long enough to sleep, and I'd be off again. I now work about 16 hours a week, and since my classes are online I don't really have to go anywhere at any specific time, and it's making me a bit stir crazy. I've started baking as a hobby, but I think I'm going to brainstorm some ideas on new things I can do since I do have all this time, and can actually do some things that I always wanted to and didn't have time.
    Most likely out of boredom and lonliness I dove headfirst into online dating again. I have been on and off online dating for the past two years, been on some really good dates, some really bad dates and actually found a relationship from it, one that didn't work out, but I don't knock the way we met as the reason. I know a lot of people have many different perspectives on it, but while I believe it's a great way to meet people, I think I'm going to try and wait for someone the old fashioned way for a while. You know they say love comes to you when you're not looking!
    Right now I'm just generally feeling that weird transition time after college and  trying to figure out life and questioning where I'm going. So much has changed in the past few months and it's just a weird feeling. I think I just have too much time to myself so I'm overthinking things. I don't want to sound like I am completely alone, I love my friends and hang out with them when I can but they are still in school and so they're pretty busy still themselves. Is anyone else feeling like this right now? This weird time of transition?
    I know it's technically Saturday so there should be a Saturday Sounds but I think I'm going to hold off on trying to regularly blog for a while. I have made and taken down many blogs in the past because I tried to put too much pressure on myself to be a daily blogger immediately like my favorite bloggers. That just does the opposite effect and I end up not blogging as much. So I'm going to blog when I feel like it for a while, and maybe eventually can keep up with it like so many others do.
      *I just wanted to apologize for this long, kind of sad post. I want to be as real as possible with my blog and that means sharing the good and the bad. I'm not always such a debbie downer but I know that others probably are feeling the same way as me. Even if it's not a transition from college to the "real-world", it could be a transition from anything, from moving, to starting a new job, to getting through a breakup. Transistion times are hard but once you get through them, it always gets better. So hopefully I haven't scared anyone off, share your feelings in comments, and have a great day.
                                                                         Until next time darlings,
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