Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Goals for this Year

Soooo, it's way past January now but to go along with my last post I want to set some goals for myself. I did make some New Year's resolutions, and I'll share some of them along with this list but I'm going to add to the list here.

*Read 30 books this year

*Get my first tattoo

*Run a 5k

*Run on a regular basis

*Start doing yoga/taking yoga classes on a regular basis

*Bake something new at least once a week

*Start knitting regularly again

*Try somewhere new at least once a month

*Take a painting/pottery/art class

*Try to make new friends

*Put more effort into my little blog here!

So as I complete projects I'll update little snippets here and there but at the end of the year I will see if I actually completed all of my goals.
                                                                              Until next time darlings,

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