Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cinema at Home #2

I really liked sharing my movie reviews with you gals (and guys?) so I thought I'd share a few more movies I've watched recently!
1. Children of Men

This dystopian science fiction movie was so good! It stars Clive Owen, who lives in the year 2027 and  no one has been born for 18 years and the world is falling apart because everyone is panicking about it. The youngest person in the world, who was 18, was killed in a mob accident and everyone panicked even more. Clive Owens' character ends up discovering a young girl who was being kept hostage by a rebel group who was pregnant, the only pregnant person in the world, and this meant she was in grave danger. He then protects her and they are lead on this wild adventure, dodging the government and other rebel groups. This movie was really good, but it is pretty violent, so if you are squeamish I don't know if this one is for you.

2. Lincoln

Lincoln was just as amazing as I thought it would be. I love history (I was a History major in college) and President Lincoln was such an interesting man. Of course this movie is about the Civil war and Lincoln passing the 13th amendment, but it was very interesting seeing the way all the characters were portrayed. I really recommend seeing it.

3. The Graduate

The Graduate [1967]
 I have actually never seen this movie until now, despite all of the pop culture references to it. I kind of knew the story but not all, so it was nice to watch. Dustin Hoffman was a cutie when he was young! I recommend seeing it if you haven't, I really enjoyed it, especially all of the Simon and Garfunkel.

4. Girl Happy

 I don't think I've mentioned this before, but I LOVE Elvis Presley! I love his music, movies, I have lots of little memorabilia, I even read a few of his biographies. This is a really cute movie, Elvis is in a band and the band is hired to watch over this club owner's daughter on spring break. They have to go through all sorts of shenanigans to get her home on time every night so she can answer the phone when her father calls, but they make it through. At first the guys think of her as a nuisance, and cutting into their time with their girls, but eventually Elvis falls in love with her. It was a nice movie to remind me of spring and the sun, since it's still snowing here!

5. Bringing Up Baby

Bringing Up Baby (1938) Poster
When I picked up this movie, I didn't read the back, so I thought it was a movie about a young married couple raising an actually baby, but Baby is actually a tiger! This is a comedy with Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant. I have to say Katherine Hepburn is very funny, I've seen a few of her other movies, and Cary Grant is just amazing in everything.

6. Move Over Darling

product image
 If you have ever seen My Favorite Wife with Cary Grant, this movie is practically the exact same plot, but it stars Doris Day. The whole time I was watching it I thought it looked really familiar, but until Doris Day's character actually mentioned My Favorite Wife I didn't connect the two. The plot is that a  man's wife was lost in a plane crash five years prior, and now he is finally getting remarried. The day he gets remarried, his first wife returns after being rescued from an island. The man then has to find a way to tell his new wife that his old wife has returned. It was really cute, I recommend you watch both movies to compare the two!

What movies have you watched lately?
                                                                          Until next time darlings,

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  1. ooo i need to see all of these!
    thanks for sharing :)

  2. we recently watched the graduate, so awkward but such a great movie!

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  3. I LOVE The Graduate, isn't Dustin Hoffman amazing?! It's one of my favourite films of his.

    Children of Men is also excellent, although I must admit I found it very disturbing - in the most thought provoking way of course.

  4. Thanks for the movie ideas, some great ones in there! Lincoln was a fantastic movie!


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