Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Western Reserve Hisorical Society

Hello! So today I took a visit to the Western Reserve Historical Society, which is a museum all about Cleveland History. I hadn't been inside the actual museum since I was probably in elementary school, but I did use their library during undergrad for a research project (the library is really nice too, by the way!).

 My dad really loves Harley-Davidson, so I had to take a picture of this early 1900s version for him.

I love this old sewing machine, it was made by the Thomas H. White company which was based in Cleveland, Ohio.

 Part of the museum is actually an old mansion, called the Bingham-Hanna House, the ceiling was beautiful!

 There is a large room of wedding and formal dresses, starting from the 1830s and coming up to today.

This was one of my favorite dresses, I love 1950s style.

This dress is actually a replica of Kate Middleton's dress, and the end of the display, I really like her dress, I love the lace detail.

This room was explaining the sculpture in Cleveland. The picture shows one of the Guardians of Traffic, which all line the Hope Memorial Bridge downtown. It was nice to read about them when I just drive past them most of the time and don't really give them a second thought.


 The last room I went into had all of these maps of the eastern United States, Ohio, and eventually Cleveland. The maps started in the 1790s and moved up until today. I really liked seeing the progression from territories to states then finally to all the counties and cities.

On my way out I passed this beautiful window pane dedicated to a woman who lived here, her first name was Amelia but I can't remember her last. She lived from 1838-1900. I thought it was very beautiful and just had to stop and take a picture.

Well that was my Wednesday, how has your day been?
                                                                            Until next time darlings,
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  1. I can't stop thinking how amazing you are

  2. Lovely

  3. I also love 1950's style, that wedding dress is just phenomenal! xx

  4. I love museums! That bike is amazing! What I would give to own one these days!


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