Monday, April 15, 2013

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Thinking about: Those poor people in Boston, my prayers go out to the victims and their families. There are so many reports and updates, I just can't stop watching and feeling so sad for them. There are a lot of reports of many people having amputated limbs, which means that these people have lost their limbs and also the ability to do something they loved, and that is run. I am truly so sorry if you have any friends or relatives in Boston today.

Reading: Still reading the Rick Geary graphic novels, I just finished one called "The Lives of Sacco and Vanzetti".

Listening to: A lot of Avett Brothers. I just got their cds "Emotionalism" and "The Carpenter" so they've been pretty much non stop. I also got an Akron/Family cd, which is pretty awesome too.

Looking Forward to: School being done and summer being around the corner! My friend and I have already planned to go a baseball game next month.

Watching: Season 3 of Star Trek: TOS and The Real World. I have watched The Real World for a long time, I know it's kind of mindless but I can't get enough!

Making Me Happy: The sunshine! It's in the 70s today and I took advantage of it by perusing thrift shops and drinking iced coffee :)

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