Monday, April 29, 2013

Currently #4

Thinking about: Moving. My family and I are moving soon, and I am starting to pack my room. I'm excited and sad at the same time. We've lived in this house since I was 6, so we've been here 16 years. Going through all my old stuff and little mementos I've kept is really fun, you forget how many little things you have and all the little memories that are tucked away in the back of your drawers or in your closet. I am excited about the new house, we aren't moving too far, just the next city over, so it's not like I'm leaving my friends or my normal neighborhood really.

Reading: Finishing up Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella and the From Hell graphic novel.

Listening to: The Violent Femmes. I used to be obsessed with the song "Blister in the Sun" but for some reason I never got any of their cds, and this week I spotted one while I was at work.

Looking Forward to: Catching up with an old work friend later tonight. Since I got a new job in January, I haven't seen some of my old coworkers in a while and I miss them. We're going for sushi, which is pretty fun too :)

Watching: Hulu shows. Lately it's been Dorm Life and 10 Items or Less.

Making Me Happy: At this very moment, sitting here blogging, drinking iced chai, and listening to music.

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  1. Oooh iced chai sounds awesome right now...


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