Monday, April 8, 2013


Thinking about: Actually getting my first tattoo. I have been wanting to get this tattoo for years, I just was too chicken/too broke to actually do it. I have saved up and am confident that I won't be afraid I will change my mind, because it has been the same concept for so long already. I want two lilies, black and grey, on my left shoulder. I've found a place and an artist I really like, and so I'm hoping to make an appointment sometime this month!

Reading: I am actually reading a slew of graphic novels by Rick Geary, all relating to Victorian murder cases. I don't normally read graphic novels, but I read his Treasury of Victorian Murders Compendium Vol. 1, which had stories about Jack the Ripper and H. H. Holmes, and so I picked up a few of his other books. The one I'm reading now is about the Borden murder.

Listening to: Local Natives and Hunter Hayes are the two cds I keep rotating in the car, but in the house I've been listening to a lot of Colton Dixon  and The Avett Brothers this week.

Looking forward to: Not having to wear this orthopedic boot anymore! Last Monday I ran into my bathroom door, and hit my foot so hard I actually went to the hospital to make sure it wasn't broken. Luckily it's not, just really terribly bruised, and so I got this amazing boot to wear for about two weeks.

Watching: Mad Men premiered yesterday so I recorded it and am watching today. I'm of course watching plenty of movies still, and I just got the first three seasons of Criminal Minds so I'll be starting those too.

Making me happy: This spring weather! It's finally hit the 60s here in Cleveland, and I'm going to enjoy it. However, the weather forecast is showing flurries for Friday, so this may be short lived.

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  1. Sounds like an awesome tattoo! I've wanted to get one for a couple of years, but I'm still deciding :p So...I'm from Cleveland too! (Well Cleveland area.)

    1. Ah, that's so cool! I saw you go to Akron on your blog, I have some friends who went there, and a few who still do, it's a pretty cool campus :)

  2. Well, spring weather make me happy too, especialy when my birthday is in spring!
    Wanna follow each others blogs on gfc and bloglovin? Let me know!
    Kisses, Gabi


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