Monday, April 1, 2013


This past Wednesday I finally went to my first yoga class in the newly renovated yoga studio. The class I went to was called Mid-Week Yoga, which was a Hatha Yoga class. I was surprised that there were only five people total. I liked that it was a small class, I was kind of nervous going into it. Everyone was really nice, and our instructor Maureen was the sweetest. The class went really slowly and it focused a lot of restorative breathing and focusing on your body. I was afraid I was going to walk into a really complicated class by accident! There was also another instructor from the studio taking the class, her name is Heidi and she was telling me about some of the other classes she teaches, her Slow Burn class seemed interesting so I might go to that one next week. I'm really glad I finally decided to go to an actual class instead of just following the dvds in my basement!



  1. I've only followed DVDs, and it's time for me to upgrade to an actual class. I found a studio in town, now if I can only find time to go :)

  2. I've always just followed the DVD's too because I've been too cheap to pay for the actual classes, BUT back when I was motivated and had a gym membership I did go to a few. And I absolutely loved it- any workout that doesn't involve running and grunting is a winner in my book. Though I feel like I have to research the whole breathing aspect of yoga. I feel like I don't full understand it's purpose and so I don't do it well and jip myself of the experience. It's awesome you enjoyed it- keep it up!

    xo Marlen
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  3. man yoga is the best!



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