Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cinema at Home #5

1. Cloud Atlas
Mind. Blown. This movie is so amazing, there are so many story lines and you are constantly trying to figure out exactly what the message is it's trying to send and how exactly all these times and people connect. The scenes, makeup, and acting were all excellent. I was pleasantly surprised that my nerdy computer geek crush Ben Whishaw was in the movie (he was in Skyfall) which was a great bonus. I really didn't understand the movie until the last five minutes and it was just a huge "a-ha!" moment, kind of like when I saw Inception. I did not read the book before I saw it but it's definitely on my to-read list now.

2. The Sitter
After Cloud Atlas I couldn't sleep because my mind was still running trying to figure everything out so I decided to watch something funny that I wouldn't have to think about and could fall asleep on. I then remembered I had The Sitter with Jonah Hill. I like Jonah Hill movies, they're pretty funny even though I'm pretty sure they're geared towards teenage boys. Jonah Hill gets stuck babysitting his mom's friend's three kids, and he gets a call from this girl who is using him to please go get her drugs and meet her at a party. So he takes the kids with him to the drug dealer, one of the kids like to blow up toilets, and Jonah Hill gets beat up a few times. It was a good movie if you are looking for some "stupid humor" laughs.

3. The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer
This movie starred Cary Grant, Myrna Loy and Shirley Temple. It was a comedy about Cary Grant, who was an artist that visited a high school and caught the eye of Shirley Temple, a student at the school. Temple decides to run off, find his hotel, and hide out there until he got back to ask him to make a piece based on her. This leads her sister, Loy, who is also a judge who happens to not like Grant since he comes through her courtroom much too often, to go on a search for her missing sister, only to discover her there. Charges are brought against Grant for kidnapping and assault, and the only way they will be dropped is if he becomes Temple's beau until she gets over her crush on him. This leads to many funny situations, it was definitely a great movie.

4. Celeste and Jesse Forever
Andy Samberg in a semi-serious role was strange, but I liked it. I was half-expecting him to bust out some crazy joke, but it didn't happen haha. This movie was about Samberg, Jesse, and Rashida Jones, Celeste, who were a married couple who had been together since high school who were getting a divorce and were having a difficult time letting go. In the beginning of the movie you don't even realize they are getting a divorce because they were still hanging out together and had so many inside jokes that it isn't until their friends yell at them about it that the cracks begin to show. Jesse tries to get back together with Celeste but she pushes him away. Only after she finds out a secret Jesse had been hiding did she want to get back together with him, but it was too late. They end up divorced but it was a nice look at their journey too it. While this movie doesn't sound like it was anything but depressing it really wasn't. There was a nice balance of comedy and seriousness.

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  1. Omg I freaking love Cloud Atlas! I saw it in theaters when it first come out and I can't wait to see it again!


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