Thursday, May 30, 2013

Knitting Night

Tuesday night I was invited to go to a knitting group with one of my old Girl Scout leaders and my old friend Amelia who was a Girl Scout too. It was really nice catching up and also knitting again. In the past few years I have continued knitting, but not as often as I used to. After I made my mom an afghan about two years ago I was so exhausted by the amount of time it took that I stopped knitting for a long time. A few months ago I started a new blanket for myself but it's just been sitting on my shelf, so I actually made a lot of progress on it.

We had wine and cheese and lots of fun chit chat about knitting and gardening. Amelia has gotten really advanced with her knitting and had lots of pictures to share. My Girl Scout leader Mrs. Bloss was the one who taught both of us to knit so it was just like old times. She is in the local garden club so I learned a lot of new things about flowers and different Latin names for them. Knitting night actually going to become a weekly tradition which I think is super fun. A few other girls come as well when they can so hopefully I can meet some of them next week!
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  1. I love to knit too! Although, I am a lot like you and have not done it in so long!!

  2. this is such a fun idea! i've learned how to knit when i was younger but it's definitely something i want to re-learn!


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