Thursday, May 23, 2013

Let's Talk Lipsticks

       One of my biggest beauty obsessions is lipstick. I wear lipstick almost all of the time, and am constantly on the search for more colors. I thought today I would share my collection and do a little review of each!

Here is majority of my collection, I think I'm missing one or two but this is a good number of them. As you can see 7 out of 13 are Revlon Lipsticks. Revlon is definitely my favorite makeup brand, not just for lipstick but for eyeshadow and mascara and anything else really. 

So here are some swatches of color on my arm (from left to right): 1. Maybelline #625 Are You Red-Dy 2. Rimmel London #124 Bordeaux 3. Revlon #677 Siren 4. Revlon #477 Black Cherry 5. Revlon #613 Just Enough Buff 6. Revlon #525 Wine With Everything 7. Revlon #725 Love That Red 8. Revlon #096 Petal 9. Revlon #075 Peach 10. Loreal Paris Infalliable #400 Apricot 11. Loreal Paris Infalliable #200 Teaberry 12. Tarte Lipsurgence in Envy 13. MAC Ruby Woo

1. Maybelline #625 Are You Red-Dy.
This was the first lipstick I intentionally bought, as I was not much of a makeup girl other than a ton of eyeliner during the time I loved My Chemical Romance. I picked this out because I was Minnie Mouse for Halloween one year, and I absolutely loved it. It stays on really well and is very moisturizing. The only problem is it does smudge onto everything else, you will leave a trace of red on every cup.

2. Rimmel London #124 Bordeaux

I bought this lipstick because I was seeing this deep vampy lipstick trend everywhere, and it definitely is not for me. It was much too dark! I also do not really like the texture either, it's difficult to get it to look even and it made my lips feel super dry.

3. Revlon #677 Siren 4. Revlon #477 Black Cherry 5. Revlon #613 Just Enough Buff 6. Revlon #525 Wine With Everything 7. Revlon #725 Love That Red 8. Revlon #096 Petal 9. Revlon #075 Peach
I love Revlon, I can't say I love it enough. I never have problems with it drying out my lips, it always looks smooth and lasts for a long time.
3. Siren is a very bright orange. It's such a different color, as most of my lipsticks fall in red/pink category, it's definitely a bold choice
4. This was my second attempt at the dark vampy look. I like the quality of the lipstick better than the Rimmel, but unless I'm a witch for Halloween I can't imagine wearing it out.     
5. This is a great nude, I've tried others and they just made me look as if I had accidentally rubbed concealer on my mouth. I don't wear it as much as others just because I like to see color.
6. This is one of my favorites! I wear this all the time. It looks a bit darker in the tube than it comes out on my lips, and it's just a nice berry color. I don't think it really looks like "wine", it's slightly too light.
7. This is my least worn red, I actually forgot I had it. This is not to say I dislike it, I just tend to choose my MAC red more lately. This is a pretty bright red, it gives a nice retro color.
8. Petal is my go-to for days I want to wear a lipstick but don't want too much color. It gives a slight pink tint but it almost looks like a gloss.
9. Peach is a well worn color of mine, if you can't tell from the picture! I love this color, it goes on lightly like Petal and has a little shimmer.

10. Loreal Paris Infalliable #400 Apricot 11. Loreal Paris Infalliable #200 Teaberry
These were recommended to me by one of my coworkers. She always wears lipstick and it never smudges or fades at all, and she told me she only wears these. I really like them because they really don't budge, and the color is true to the tube. You swipe on the color side which comes out of the tube like a lipgloss but it's a little thicker than lipgloss. Then you wait two minutes, and during this two minutes you panic because your lips feel as if they are tightening and closing in on themselves, but then you swipe on the balm in the white tube and you mouth goes back to normal, and it truly lasts forever. I have to remove this lipstick with makeup remover, which concerns me a bit, I should do a little research on what's in it, but it truly does stay on well.
12. Tarte Lipsurgence in Envy
This matte lip tint I bought when I was searching what lipcolor Max from 2 Broke Girls wore because the berry color was just so pretty. Tarte was the brand that came up on multiple sites, and so I skipped to my nearest Sephora and picked this up. I must say it is very pricey, the most expensive lipcolor I own at $24, but it is definitely worth it. I will say it is not an exact match for the lipstick Max wears, it's a little lighter, but my love for berry colors makes up for that. I find it is a little drying, so I swipe on chapstick before applying and that fixes the problem.
13. MAC Ruby Woo
This is my absolute favorite lipstick at the moment. I have always heard about how amazing MAC lipsticks are, but I was unwilling to spend the $15 for them. Well I must say it is the prettiest red I own! Ruby Woo is a matte, it could stay on for days, it looks so defined as if I put on lip liner, which I don't use ever. It's just the best, and I have a whole wishlist of colors I would like now from this line.

What are some of your favorite lipsticks? What are your favorite colors?

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  1. Revlon is by far my favorite drug store brand! Weird because I've never had problems with my lips drying out...until a couple weeks ago. I'm pretty sure It's my balm stain which makes me sad. I've been wearing it for a year with no problem and now? it suddenly decides to dry out my lips? Darn it.

  2. I really like the Revlon Love That Red! I have Love That Pink and it is one of my favorite shades. I need to try the red!

    1. I need to try the Love that Pink!

  3. I love this post! I have just started wearing lipstick so it is all brand new to me! I never know which shade of red to wear so I love how you have them all laid out here!


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