Friday, May 24, 2013

Memories in Photos

1. My friend Michelle and I went for froyo and coffee the other day, her coffee cup was the tiniest!
2. I caught up with my friend Rae who I hadn't seen in about five months and we got lunch and did a bit of shopping.
3. My friend Christina and I went to Akron one night just for fun and grabbed a drink.
4. This banner is of my parents when they were teenagers. They met when they were 16/17 and the banner says "Today is the beginning of our forever", super cute and they are still together, married 24 years this June. 5. Michelle's dog Thunder and I have a love/hate relationship. He likes to bark and growl at me and scratch my legs majority of the time, but sometimes we come to an understanding and he's a cute little dog. This was one of those nights.
6. Christina's new puppy Jacie! She's the sweetest little thing even though she was a bit afraid of me, hopefully we'll become good friends!
7. I made Michelle walk with me this day, it was nice because I usually walk alone.

I don't take many Instagram photos but I love using all of the different filters, it's such a fun app. These are just a few of the photos I have taken in May so far. If you'd like you can follow me there too @amiacw!

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  1. So cool! I go to University of Akron :) So I live really close to Akron

    1. Oh cool! Yeah we live about 30-40 minutes north of there, so not too far!


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