Thursday, June 27, 2013

Quick Egg and Pasta Dish

 The other night I was trying to figure out what to have for dinner and I wanted to make something new without having to go out for ingredients. Lately I've been seeing a lot of recipes on Pinterest that have pasta with fried eggs on top. I love both of those, so I just made up my own recipe as I went. I just boiled spaghetti and mix it with a little garlic, salt, red peppers and olive oil. I made my egg over easy but you don't have to if you don't like runny eggs. I topped it with mozzarella and it was done! Super quick and easy and tasted so good.

Have you tried any quick dinner recipes? I love finding new things to try!

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Death By Seagulls

Today I had lunch and went to the beach with one of my old coworkers, Shatara! We worked at a department store together and there's always lots of craziness in retail so it was fun to catch up on all the happenings there.

We went to lunch at Hibachi which is a Japanese restaurant where they cook all of the food in front of you and make it into a show, I love watching the cooks. I'm sure if I tried to flip things and chop up things as fast as they do I would cut off a finger or throw rice on someone by accident!

After lunch we went to the beach and it was such a great day for it. It was close to 90 degrees but the wind made it feel not so incredibly hot. The amount of seagulls there was ridiculous, I haven't seen that many seagulls at the beach in a while. Every time someone spooked them they all got up and flew around, and we were so terrified they were going to poop on us that we both hid under our coverups! Overall it was a great day, even though my fear of seagulls has now went up a bit.

How is your Wednesday going?
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Adventures in Acacia

We have a new addition to the Cleveland Metroparks near me called the Acacia Reservation. This area used to be a private golf course and country club, and since as long as I can remember a very closed off area. It was recently sold to Cleveland Metroparks and I heard there were trails, so I decided to take a run through. Instead of running, I ended up stopping to take pictures most of the way.

There are still some visible sand pits which I thought was pretty odd. It was strange because it was so open, usually metroparks are heavily wooded. I hope that they plant more trees, the grass was a little wild so maybe they're letting it revert back on its own.

Blurry cell phone pic, sorry!

I passed these two cute little stations, those stairs lead to no where, there was just a field behind them. Maybe there used to be picnic tables or something there. The bird house was really cute, I didn't see any eggs or birds around it, but there were all sorts of pretty birds flying around. Next time I'll have to take a bird watching book with me so I can figure out what they are.

When I got to the very tail end of the trail, I was stopped by geese. There were so many in the flock and had lots of babies with them. I thought the guard one was kind of cute, he stayed in the middle of the path and stared me down until they all got across. I didn't want to go through them since geese are really protective, so I waited until they waddled to the other side towards a pond.

Do you have any metroparks near you? Which are your favorite?

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Birthday Celebrations

So last week I ended up having a birthday week rather than just a birthday day and I felt so much love from everyone! My celebrations actually started the day before on Tuesday with my knitting group. The girls were so sweet and got me the best red velvet cupcakes and sang me happy birthday. I also got a surprise and our host made me a felted knitting tool bag, it's very cute and handy!

Wednesday was my actual birthday, and my parents and brother sang me happy birthday and we had pizza and ice cream cake. By the time my birthday gets here I am usually so sick of actual cake (since my Grandma, Grandpa, Mom and brother all have their birthdays in June as well) that I usually go for cookie cake or ice cream cake. Sooo good :)

Since it was Wednesday I wanted to go to Mullarkey's with my friends Christina and Michelle for karaoke, but since it was my birthday we all got a little dressed up. We looked a little out of place, especially since there was a group of girls in sweats, but it was still a lot of fun.

Any time we bring out a camera in this group we always decide to take a bunch of goofy pictures, so I thought I'd share them with you all, so you can see just how weird I am sometimes.

It just so happened that there was a lady selling roses in the bar, and she was a lot of fun. She was really silly and joking around, and when I told her it was my birthday she went to go find someone to buy me a rose, and she surprised me by coming back and she actually found someone! Her roses were really pretty, they were dyed all different colors. The ones I got are pretty similar to one another, but she had some cool one that were tie-dyed blue, red, and purple.

My friend Jeni and I
 On Friday we went to dinner at this restaurant called Stone Mad Pub, it was really nice. Michelle actually did a little research on the place, it was a speakeasy during prohibition and they were shut down by the police, and had to pour out thousands of barrels of whiskey and bourbon. They then reopened as a non-alcoholic place and tried to create new NA drinks, but since no one bought them, they had to pour those into the streets as well. It makes me wonder about a water around there a bit, haha.

I was so happy my friend Jeni could come. She is my sci-fi/nerdy/movie buddy, and I had to ambush her to get a picture, she doesn't like cameras too much, I think this is the first picture I've taken with her since the middle of high school.

The painting is cute off in this picture with Michelle and I but it was a really interesting painting. It mixed lots of eras together, it had people whose clothing looked to be 1980s inside the restaurant, and it showed outside having horse and buggies mixed with modern cars, countryside and a city skyline. There was a few other spaces on the walls that used to have paintings but the rest were gone.

Christina and I were overly excited that we were both wearing green and it matched out dresses haha. I have no idea why the color is so off on this picture.

 Neil somehow managed to escape all pictures expect this one, so I guess this is just payback for all of the awkward pictures he's ever posted of me and everyone else. He loves to catch everyone off guard and take the most random pictures.

After dinner we went to this cute 1940s style ice cream shop called Sweet Moses. It has an old fasioned soda bar and the workers wear the white uniforms you see in all the old pictures, it's such a cute little place. I unfourtunately didn't take any pictures here because there were just so many people! The wait was 25 minutes, but it was so worth it!

I had such a great birthday, I loved everything about it. If you've made it to the bottom of this very long post I salute you, I usually try not to make my posts this long but I had a lot to share :)

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Sounds #12

This week on Facebook, the band Brand New put up a post saying that their first album Deja Entendu was officially 10 years old, and it made me think about that album and all the others I listened to in high school (I do this way more often now, this post talks in great detail about this) so I wanted to share some music I'm revisiting again.



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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nobody Likes You When You're 23

                                                      What's My Age Again? by Amia on Grooveshark

If there is one thing I love, I love lists. Today is my birthday and I'm turning 23 this year. It amazes me that I am this old, I know it's not very old but it feels like time is flying by! I'm excited that I am finally old enough to sing the Blink-182 song and be 23 haha. 22 was year of learning and a lot of changes, graduating college and beginning grad school, and learning a lot about myself in my personal life and thoughts. I feel that this year will be exciting and I want to try all sorts of new things and lots of new projects so here is my 23 Before 24 list:

1. Learn to play ukelele. I played flute from 5th to 12th grade and I loved playing an instrument. Lately I have been thinking about learning to play something new, and a ukelele seems like a perfect start.

2. Complete my first novel. I have always liked to write ever since I was young, but I gave up writing for fun when life got busy with schoolwork and things. Now I feel that I have more time to write, I have actually started writing again. In April I began a book, and I have a few chapters but I would like to actually finish it. I have lots of half finished or less pieces all over my room and it would be amazing to actually finish this project.

3. Learn to crochet. I was taught to knit by one of my Girl Scout leaders when I was younger, and I am pretty good at following patterns for that, but crocheting is another story. I can do a simple chain stitch and form rows, but I can't do anything fancy, not even a granny square.

4. Improve my photography skills. I just discovered all the different settings on my digital camera, and I haven't actually explored all of the different things my camera can do. I also feel I should read up more on what all the settings mean. I like to take pictures but know nothing about techniques to use.

5. Become a better blogger. I'm proud that I have actually started and continued blogging for these past 6 months, and I feel like it's time to learn more about design and give you lovely ladies some better content. Thanks for bearing with me as I figure this out.

6. Continue working out consistently. This year I have started working out more often and I love it. I get up early and walk, do workout videos, and occasionally go to yoga class (not as much as I should). I feel so much better about myself and have so much more energy than I feel like I have in a long time.

7. Gain more knitting skills. Even though I have continued knitting here and there I haven't really tried to learn anything new for a very long time. Since I have been going to knitting nights every week I feel like I should try some new stitches, maybe even make a sweater.
Update: Working on a sweater now! (12/13/2013)

8. Try more new recipes. Before this year, the only time I cooked/baked anything was usually only Christmas time when I help my mom bake cookies. I have finally discovered that I love cooking, but I am still no good at making up my own recipes so I'd like to keep cooking and baking and sharing with you all.
Update: Have tried many new recipes and will continue doing so! (12/13/2013)

9. Go to a blogger meetup. I know I'm still a super small blogger, but whenever I see posts about blogger meetups it just seems like a lot of fun to meet people in your area that do the same thing you do. My friends don't really "get" blogging so it would be great to nerd out with people about it who do :)
Update: This one is half accomplished. I haven't been to a group blogger meetup but I did meet Lauren of Someone Like You who is the absolute sweetest! (12/13/2013)

10. Do a photo challenge. Going along with improving my photo skills, I think it would be fun to do one of the 30 day challenges or a photo an hour post.

11. DIY! I have an almost unhealthy addiction to Pinterest and there are so many cute diy ideas. I would love to host a get together and diy lots of decorations and maybe do some decorating for my new room.

12. Start an Etsy shop. I love Etsy. If you've never been to this website it has lots of cute little shops run by private sellers and you can find anything from vintage clothes to knitted items, to Doctor Who mugs there. I'd love to sell little knitted pieces, I actually thought about doing this years ago but I never got around to it.

13. Get a tattoo. I have been thinking about the same tattoo that I want as my first one for two years now. First I was afraid I was going to change my mind about it, but I haven't, so I should just bite the bullet and not let fear stop me any longer!

14. Watch more classic movies. When I watch classics, I tend to stick with the same 10-15 actors and actresses, and I'd like to branch out and find more good movies because I love classics so much. I'd also like to try and watch more silent films.

15. Find new nerdy shows to watch. I love Doctor Who, Torchwood, Star Trek and Alphas, but I don't really watch that many other sci-fi shows. If anyone has suggestions I would love you to share in the comments!

16. Actually print out photos and start scrapbooking. I have this huge tupperware box full of programs, movie tickets, little memorobilia and photos from disposable cameras, but I also have a huge external hard drive with hundreds of photos saved on it that I never see. I would love to work on putting these memories in scrap books instead of hiding them away in boxes.

17. Do a lighthouse tour. Tieka of Selective Potential always visits the prettiest lighthouses, and I would love to do a lighthouse tour. Ohio isn't far from Michigan, and we have some lighthouses here because of Lake Erie.

18. Go to a reenactment weekend. I would love to go to a vintage style weekend event where everyone dresses up in period clothing, it seems like so much fun. I'd love to go to a World War II event or there's an event in New York every year that is 20s themed.

19. Run a 5k. I actually have this goal in the works already because I've signed up to do the Color Run in September. My goal is to actually run majority of the way. I'm not a very good runner, I walk most of the time, but I have been working on running lately, so I hope by September I'm in better shape.
Update: Accomplished! I did Color Run and the Jingle Bell Run!

20. Read more. I love to read, I usually read 20-30 books a year and I keep a list of what I've read. Lately I've been reading more blogs than books, so I'd like to get back into reading more books and still read as many blogs.

21. Go see a sport I've never seen live. I'm not a big sports person but I like going to games, it gets really intense when you're actually there. I would love to go to either roller derby, hockey, basketball, or soccer game.

22. Continue being focused on school. This year before I turn 24 I will take my next two semesters of grad school, and after my birthday I'll only have the fall semester left and I will be done with school forever (at least for the known future). I want to continue doing very well and make sure I get the best grades possible and learn as much as I can.

23. Appreciate the little things in life. Life can get busy, so I want to make sure that I stop and think and am thankful for any little quiet moments during my day and the kindness of other people's actions. We go through life in such a rush we forget to appreciate things like this.

So here's my list. I hope that I can accomplish it all, but I won't be too hard on myself if some things don't get done. Here's to another year, I'm thinking it's going to be an amazing one!

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Man of Steel


I saw the newest Superman movie, Man of Steel on Friday, and needless to say, it was AMAZING!!!! Superman has always been my favorite, and this is a really promising reboot! I am trying to figure out who I can wrangle into seeing it with me again!

Henry Cavill is gorgeous, if you need more of him I suggest the Tudors, Immortals, and here's a link to his IMdb to check out more of his movies.

I also found this cute link to more facts about Superman here!!

** I also may or may not have bought a new Justice League tshirt from the little boys' section in Target in order to have a shirt with Superman on it to wear to the movie.

Have you seen Man of Steel yet? What did you think?

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday Sounds #11


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Thursday, June 13, 2013

An Afternoon at the Cleveland Museum of Art

On Saturday I went to visit the Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA) with my friend Jeni. I love CMA, you can spend hours just wandering from room to room, and it's just such a beautiful building. It's about a 15 minute drive from me and I had not gone yet to see the new rooms that opened up a few months ago, as well as the brand new atrium. The art museum has been under reconstruction for a few years now, slowly but surely reopening exhibits one by one. Last time I visited was in the fall, so the Medieval/Renaissance, Islamic, and a new gallery called Gallery One were not open yet. Parade the Circle, which is a parade that happens in University Circle, where the art museum, Natural History Museum, the Botanical Garden was also going on so it was very busy!

The first rooms we went into were the Contemporary/Modern rooms. These are probably my least favorite types of art, so we kind of went through them fairly quickly, but I had to stop at this leg. On my picture you can't really see but the leg actually has hair peeking out from the bottom of the pants. The piece is untitled but it is by Robert Gober, and actually uses human hair!

 The next rooms we went into were the Modern European Art rooms. These are some of my favorites, as my favorite artist Monet's paintings are in these rooms. I didn't take any pictures of those this time because they haven't changed since the last time I was there and I have a bunch of pictures of them all. The first picture is "Still Life with Rayfish" by Chaim Soutine, and the second is "Dancers Tying Shoes" by Edgar Degas. Jeni was in love with the ballet dancers, and I had to pull her away. I admit, it's one of my favorites too.

I believe these were in the Renaissance era rooms, I can't find their matches on the CMA website, but all of their works on display are listed on the site, there's just so many!

These were found in the more recently opened Islamic art rooms. I love all the details Islamic art has, that was only one of  a few archways. I thought the little boy's jacket was super cute, I just had to take a picture!


Medieval art is really interesting to me. Some of my favorite history classes were Medieval history. With Medieval history, religion is always the center which is why majority of these rooms contained Madonna and Child portraits and triptychs. Even if you are not very religious I just think the detail in some of them is just absolutely stunning.


Next was Ancient Egypt and Greece! The sarcophagi were so cool, the Egyptians were such interesting people. and I thought the Greek pots and war helmets were super awesome.

This is the new atrium and I just thought it looked so pretty so I tried to take a picture but it just doesn't do it much justice.

The last room I went into held this amazing and kind of scary piece by Damian Ortega called "The Blast and Other Embers". All of the objects were saws, scissors, knives, drills, and kind of household tools that were sharp. I liked that they were all displayed in a circle, it was actually open in the middle so you could walk through it.

I didn't take any pictures in my favorite room, the armor room, but they have the most beautiful swords and daggers, I don't think I would have wanted to fight with them. Overall it was a great day, I really could spend much more time than I did there, I didn't even make it to Gallery One. I am planning to go back sooner than later!

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Beach Day!

Today I headed to the beach for the first time this summer! I haven't been able to match up my daytime schedule with my friends so I decided to head out solo, and that was such a great idea. I got to relax, listened to Goo Goo Dolls and Elvis, started reading John Green's An Abundance of Katherines and drank some iced coffee. It was an awesome morning and I think I may do that more often.

                                                      Beach Playlist by Amia on Grooveshark

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