Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Adventures in Acacia

We have a new addition to the Cleveland Metroparks near me called the Acacia Reservation. This area used to be a private golf course and country club, and since as long as I can remember a very closed off area. It was recently sold to Cleveland Metroparks and I heard there were trails, so I decided to take a run through. Instead of running, I ended up stopping to take pictures most of the way.

There are still some visible sand pits which I thought was pretty odd. It was strange because it was so open, usually metroparks are heavily wooded. I hope that they plant more trees, the grass was a little wild so maybe they're letting it revert back on its own.

Blurry cell phone pic, sorry!

I passed these two cute little stations, those stairs lead to no where, there was just a field behind them. Maybe there used to be picnic tables or something there. The bird house was really cute, I didn't see any eggs or birds around it, but there were all sorts of pretty birds flying around. Next time I'll have to take a bird watching book with me so I can figure out what they are.

When I got to the very tail end of the trail, I was stopped by geese. There were so many in the flock and had lots of babies with them. I thought the guard one was kind of cute, he stayed in the middle of the path and stared me down until they all got across. I didn't want to go through them since geese are really protective, so I waited until they waddled to the other side towards a pond.

Do you have any metroparks near you? Which are your favorite?

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  1. I LOVE Ohio Metroparks! There are a ton where I live, and one that is 10 minutes away from me if I'm running. I run through it almost daily!

  2. not really sure what metroparks are. we do have a lot of parks like for kids to play with :) love those pictures

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    1. Sorry I should have explained! Metroparks are protected pieces of land that are generally forested, but they do have picnic areas and things like that. Um, a bigger example would be something like Yellostone National Park.


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