Friday, June 7, 2013

Cinema at Home #6

Lately I have not been watching as many movies as I have been watching TV series, so I'm going to include those here too:

1. American Psycho
I had not seen this movie before, because normally I avoid scary movies or anything potentially scary, but I gave this one a chance. If you haven't seen it, Christian Bale plays a rich man who works on Wall Street named Patrick Bateman who kills a LOT of people, including a college and a streetwalker. It doesn't show much of the actual killing, just the blood, which made me feel better, and I must say Christian Bale really plays an awesome crazy person. Before he killed each of his victims, he always played a different cd and told them about the artist and awards they had won which made it even stranger. It was a really good movie overall.

2. The Borgias: Season 1
The Borgias is a period show set in 1492 about a status-climbing family who are involved in the clergy and the father schemes his way into the position of the pope. I really like shows like this, if you've ever seen The Tudors that's a great example of the style of the show. Pretty much everyone was corrupt, from the clergyman brother to the poor sister who was married to a French ally who hated her father and took it out on her in the most cruel way. If you like shows/movies set in medieval periods, this is a great new show to watch.

3. World Without End
 This is a tv miniseries of the Ken Follet book of the same name. I really had no idea these even existed until a patron at the library returned it. This is also set in medieval times, and deals with all levels of medieval life, from witch burning to fighting royalty to peasants selling their daughters for cows. There's a love story amidst all of this, and the man who plays one of the lovers is the same guy who plays the lead character in the tv show Copper, Tom Weston-Jones, so I was excited about that. The show is set during the time of the beginning of the Hundred Year's War as well as one of the outbreaks of the black plague. There's also a corrupt clergyman who is one of my favorite evil characters on the show who pushes his way to the top by blackmailing and things of that sort. There is also another miniseries of Pillars of the Earth that I haven't watched yet but I believe that is actually the one I was supposed to watch first so I'll get to it!

4.Safe Haven
 Oh Nicholas Sparks, you've done it again! Great movie, great story, loved it! The beginning looks a bit like a horror film, and I actually took it back out of the dvd player just to make sure it was the right movie. This one is set between Boston and a small town in Georgia, and is a love story with a surprising twist, as the female character (Julianne Hough) is hiding a dark secret from the single dad she falls in love with (Josh Duhamel). Sadly I didn't read the book first but I will try to read it soon!

5. To Rome with Love
 This was a cute movie, a little cheesy at times, but everyone needs a little cheese sometimes, haha. The storylines were set up like Valentine's Day or New York, I Love You where there were a bunch of different seemingly un-connected characters with little love triangles that eventually connected together in the end. Some parts were funnier than others, it was a little slow moving in others, but it was pretty good overall.

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  1. Great blog! I loved the film Safe Haven, I'm reading a Nicholas Sparks book at the minute and it's so good! x

    1. Thanks so much! Nicholas Sparks is the best! :)

  2. Omg I must watch World Without End!!


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