Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Death By Seagulls

Today I had lunch and went to the beach with one of my old coworkers, Shatara! We worked at a department store together and there's always lots of craziness in retail so it was fun to catch up on all the happenings there.

We went to lunch at Hibachi which is a Japanese restaurant where they cook all of the food in front of you and make it into a show, I love watching the cooks. I'm sure if I tried to flip things and chop up things as fast as they do I would cut off a finger or throw rice on someone by accident!

After lunch we went to the beach and it was such a great day for it. It was close to 90 degrees but the wind made it feel not so incredibly hot. The amount of seagulls there was ridiculous, I haven't seen that many seagulls at the beach in a while. Every time someone spooked them they all got up and flew around, and we were so terrified they were going to poop on us that we both hid under our coverups! Overall it was a great day, even though my fear of seagulls has now went up a bit.

How is your Wednesday going?
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  1. I still haven't been to beach yet this year. Sounds like you had a really fun day. I LOVE hibachi places! So fun!

    1. Oh you have to go!! Hopefully soon :)


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