Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Beauty Review: bhcosmetics 28 Color Palette Neutral Eyeshadow

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I love wearing neutral eyeshadows, I think the lighter colors are great for daytime, and the darker colors can create a smokey eye that isn't as harsh as using black. I got a gift card for Urban Outfitters and couldn't find any clothes I liked on their website, so I decided to check out their makeup. I ended up getting this 28 color neutral eye palette ( link here ), and I absolutely love it!

I'm always a bit wary of getting eyeshadow palettes, normally the eyeshadow is not very pigmented and doesn't last much longer than an hour or so before it starts to rub away. I had also never heard of bh cosmetics but I thought I would give it a try. These colors are amazing, the picture of the swatches doesn't really do them justice. They are very bright and last all day, even in the heat! A few of the darker browns have some glitter in them which I love since I have a bit of a glitter obsession.

If you like more colorful eyeshadow their website has a ton of palettes that have every color of the rainbow, and they should be the same color and lasting quality as the neutral ones. I haven't tried all of the colors in my palette yet but I'm excited to try them all!

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  1. If I wear eyeshadow it's always colors like this--nice neutral colors.


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