Monday, July 1, 2013

Cinema at Home #7

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1. The Good Doctor

Orlando Bloom plays a young new doctor who is not taken seriously by the other hospital staff. He is given all of the patients the other doctors don't want, a man who speaks no English and a young girl who is very sick with an infection.To prove himself as well as get back at some of the rude hospital staff he plays with the infected girl's pills and another patients treatments to get others in trouble. He progressively makes this girl more and more sick to make himself look better as a doctor. His plan is to eventually cure her and gain much more respect from his peers. This movie was really great, and Orlando Bloom being the main character was surely a plus!

2. Jeff, Who Lives at Home

This stars Jason Segel as Jeff, a 30 year old who still lives with his mother and doesn't really know what his purpose is in life. He has a married brother who he helps in tracking his wife because he believes she is cheating. Jeff has all these crazy theories about things being signs, for example he got a call for the wrong number and the person was asking for "Kevin". Jeff took this as a sign that he had to find all Kevins and speak to them to see if they would be the key to his purpose. This was a really funny movie, Jason Segel is the best.

3. The Pillars of Earth

This was actually the Ken Follett series that I should have watched before World Without End since it was the first book in the series. I wasn't too confused because World Without End is a story that surrounds these characters' relatives almost 200 years later. Pillars of Earth was also a really good show, there were 8 episodes and I watched them over 2 days. The center of this story was building a new cathedral when the first one mysteriously burned down in the middle of the night. There was also a lot of fighting over who would be the next ruler of the land because the king and his wife were lost at sea in the sinking of a great ship, and they left no offspring. There's a bit of romance, a war breaks out, people are exiled, and of course some religion with the building of the cathedral, but the series really sucked me in. The fact that Eddie Redmayne was in it may have done that as well, but that's beside the point.

4. Downton Abbey Seasons 1-3


 I was late to the Downton Abbey craze but it is so good! If you haven't watched it yet please do. The story surrounds the Crawley family who believes their heir, one of the cousins, is lost in the sinking of the Titanic, and so the search for the new heir is commenced. The Crawleys have all daughters, so the next closest heir is their cousin Matthew. He and Mary, one of the daughters, are quickly attempted to be matched up marry, but they have a very on-off relationship. There are two other sisters, Edith and Sybil, who are also supposed to be married off to wealthy suitors. The best part of the show to me is not the rich Crowley family, but their servants. All of the servants for this early 1900s house had such strict jobs and yet they are shown in the comfort of being downstairs. Most of the time with shows like this you see the servants in silence, but this show shows the cook Mrs Patmore and her ridiculous comments to the kitchen maid Daisy. You get to see footman Thomas and lady's maid Ms. O'brien be kind of evil and trip up others in the house to make themselves look better. There's just so many dynamics between all of the house staff, it's a must watch!

5. 10 Items or Less

10 Items or Less is a Hulu exclusive series, and it was so funny. It was set in Ohio at a grocery store called Greens and Grains. The manager, Leslie Pool, had just recently taken over after his father's death and he really has no idea how to run a store. He makes his employees do all these crazy promotions, like dressing up as Star Trok (not Trek) characters, making an album of whistle singing, and dressing in drag for undercover security. Their biggest competitors, Super Value Mart is right across the street and the whole time they are trying to take over the little mom and pop shop. It was a really funny series and I was sad there are only two seasons.


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