Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Duty, Honor, Country

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So the other day at work I was helping a man use the fax machine (our fax machines are really difficult to use) and he was a Vietnam veteran, and while we were sorting through his military papers, he began to tell me about his life and his experiences in Vietnam. He was in combat, and is still suffering from a head injury which causes him short term memory loss. He told me about his friends from the war, some who were killed there and some who he still gets together with now, and almost all of them had suffered an injury of some kind. He also told me how after the war he became an American citizen, he is originally from the West Indies. His story touched my heart, I have a lot of respect for all military personnel. Soldiers who fought in Vietnam (and soldiers who fight in any war) fought an extremely devastating war and the fact that this man could not even remember that we were going from the fax machine to the customer service desk so he could buy a fax card made me very sad but also very proud of him for serving our country. He was faxing some of his military papers in order to receive a gift from the military, and he was very excited to show me all of the awards he had earned from his service overseas from 1967-68. I was just happy that I could help him in this small way.

My grandpa and my mom were both in the Army, my grandpa was active around the same time that this man was. He did not fight in the war, but he was stationed in Germany for many years working for the military and with their computers and things of that sort. My grandpa is getting into his older years now, and he gets most excited when he talks about his military days, he could talk to you for hours and hours about it. I secretly think he has never forgiven me for taking Spanish in high school instead of German haha! I just wanted to share this little part of my day because talking to this man really warmed my heart.

How is your Tuesday going?


  1. You look gorgeous in red!

    It sounds like this man really opened up to you, its nice to be able to help people even if its just in a little way!

  2. Wow. It sounds like the two of you had a nice conversation. I bet he enjoyed talking to someone about his experiences and memories. You probably made his day.


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