Monday, July 15, 2013

It's Tribe Time!

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Friday I finally made it to my first Cleveland Indians game of the year. It was the perfect day to go since it's been just raining and raining every day for the past few weeks. The Indians were playing the Kansas City Royals and we won 3-0! I went with my friend Christina, and it turned out that her sister Mary and her friends Jenny and Maria came too so we ended up sneaking over to their section and sitting with them.
Suzy of Happy Wife, Happy Life was there as well but I didn't actually see her there, just pictures!

It was a ton of fun, my favorite part about going to games is all of the chanting and clapping and singing you do while watching the game. They played Hang on Sloopy, which Ohio State uses as their theme song and we do hand motions that spell out "OHIO" (kind of like the YMCA song) which you can see here. I was wondering if you live in another state do you have songs like this or is this just a weird Ohio quirk? The night ended with fireworks which were so awesome and we ended up heading to the Thirsty Parrot after the game to wait out the huge crowd of people all trying to leave downtown at once.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

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  1. Cute pictures :) Haha, I think Ohio's just quirky!


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