Thursday, July 11, 2013

New York Trip: Day Two

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Ryan, Jessie, Mary, Abby

Apologies for this post being incredibly photo heavy, I actually took more pictures of the displays but I figured there were enough. Sunday we went to breakfast at this cute little diner called Kenna's Diner. It had 50s style red booths with a black and white checkered floor, and it's a family owned restaurant which was really neat. The food was super yummy!

After breakfast we didn't really have anything planned so Ryan looked up things to do and came up with the Strong National Museum of Play! The museum is half dedicated to little kid activities and half to vintage/retro toys and board/arcade games. I was a bit skeptical when I first walked in since it looked like it was mainly a children's museum but I had so much fun there! There were a ton of different exhibits, my favorites were the Comics section and the vintage "Time Machine". The time machine room had lots of displays starting from the 1930s through today, and each display had music and clothing from the day and were accompanied by video clips of famous actors and actresses.

Another really cool thing about this museum was that is also held a library throughout the museum. In each exhibit there were books that went with the displays, and kids could actually check the books out! There were also books for adults so parents (and random bored twenty somethings) could also enjoy the library. I thought it was great that the museum encouraged reading in the way. There were also little reading nooks in each section that you could sit down and look at some of the books. We actually all sat in the time machine room and flipped through a book on the history of last names in America, it was actually pretty interesting.

One last thing, I don't know if I've ever shared my love of Elvis here, but he is the greatest! I was looking at their really large Barbie display, and while they didn't have the actual dolls, they had this awesome picture of Elvis and Priscilla wedding dolls, and I looked like a nut trying to get a non-glary picture of the picture which was surprisingly difficult through the glass haha!

Well, I did take more pictures of actual displays, there was a Monopoly display that showed how the board game evolved through the years and even had one of the earlier boards which used to be round. I thought that was cool but I think this post is long enough! After the museum we got ice cream at one of those cute little homemade ice cream places called Bruster's and then we headed home. New York was really fun and I am so happy that I got to visit Abby and Ryan, hopefully next time I visit will be sooner than later!

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  1. Your trip looks like so much fun! You're making me wish I was in New York right now!



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