Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Something New

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 Dress: my50svintagedresses via Ebay
Shoes: Target

So I am delving into the world of outfit posts! I love fashion blogs, they are some of my favorites. I just bought another tripod because the tripod I bought a few months ago actually surprised me and was a mini tabletop one that was too light to hold up my camera (which is just a standard digital camera, not a dslr!). Honestly, I felt really awkward taking so many pictures of myself and trying to pose without looking like a dork! Even with the awkwardness, I did have fun and hopefully I'll do more of these kinds of posts.

This is what I wore to work today at the library, I just worked a morning shift so I have the rest of the afternoon to myself. Later tonight I'm headed to Wade Oval Wednesdays, which is a free summer concert given in University Circle. The park is located in between our art museum, natural history museum, and the botanical gardens, it is a really pretty space. I've never gone to this event before but it should be fun!

How is your Wednesday going? Happy Hump Day :)



  1. that dress is amazing! love it :) and for some reason I think it's perfect that you wore it to work as a librarian--just seems to cute :)

  2. You look gorgeous in that dress. It fits you like a dream! I'm also loving those drapes!

    Ladyface Blog

    1. Thank you so much! I just got these drapes and I was really glad I found some that were so bright and sunny :)

  3. What does Hump Day means? You look lovely in that dress! :) Love anything that is vintage inspired. :)

    Kisty, Style Mermaid

    1. Haha since it was Wednesday and you're in the middle of the week, it's like getting over the "hump" of the week, like a camel? It was a silly joke. Thanks for the comment :)


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