Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wade Oval Wednesday

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Yesterday I went to Wade Oval Wednesday (WOW) with my friend Christina, it was loads of fun. There were lots of food stands and I was immediately drawn to the funnel cakes! The are my favorite summertime/festival/fair treat. This free concert/festival is held every Wednesday all summer and each week has a different live band. This week there was a local Irish band (I forget the name..oops) and a special guest bagpiper. The music was great, lot of people were dancing and it was just really nice. We brought a picnic blanket and found a perfect spot, we've already decided to head back next week with a few more of our friends.


  1. A free concert AND funnel cake? That sounds pretty rad to me!

  2. Funnel cakes... mmm

    Free music is where it's at!


    New Post!

  3. WOW sounds so fun! And I've never had funnel cakes; I'll have to try some one day!

    1. You've never had funnel cakes, oh man you would love them! They're actually really easy to make at home, I've made them before with a recipe from Pinterest. :)

  4. Sounds like such a fun way to spend a summer day. Funnel cakes are the best!!

    xo erica


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