Friday, August 30, 2013


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Dress: Vintage
Shoes: Payless (I think!) 

Is everyone as excited as I am that it's Friday?! First week of classes officially done, and I'm off work for the weekend. The past two days I have been knitting like a crazy person, I'm almost done with my first sock! I've always been afraid of doing socks simply because they seemed too difficult with the heel and all, but one of the girls gave me a really easy pattern and showed me the ropes. The funny thing is, I rarely wear socks! I only really wear socks for running/working out purposes. In the summer I'm wearing sandals or flats, and in the winter I'm almost always wearing tights. My mom is always wearing socks because her feet are constantly cold, so any of my sock creations will be going to her. Once I finish the pair maybe I'll share them here. Tonight one of my friend's is hosting a Pampered Chef party where we get to learn how to cook a dish and learn about all kinds of neat cooking tools, I think it's going to be really fun.

Do you have any fun plans this weekend? Happy Friday!

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Come to Me My Sweetest Friend...

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Last Thursday my 90s child dreams came true and I went to see the Goo Goo Dolls and Matchbox Twenty! It was so much fun and so much dancing! Both bands played mainly their older songs with one or two new ones, it was such a good time. We all came prepared for the rain because the forecast said all day that it was going to storm from the afternoon well into the night, but luckily it didn't rain at all. Perfect night!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Gotta Go Back, Back, Back to School Again!

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 Jacket: American Living via JCPenney
Shirt: Target
Yoga Pants: Old Navy

Does anyone know the song in my post title? Grease 2? I think I'm the only person who actually likes that movie. Well, it is that time again, school started this week, hence the extremely lazy outfit, maybe we could say I was trying to look like a T-Bird! I was heading out to go read the lovely book in my hand about library management at a local coffee shop. I get way to distracted to read textbooks at home so I head out to read usually on Tuesdays. Online school was a big adjustment last semester but I'm glad I've gotten a scheduled figured out already this time. I actually am already finished with one of my classes' work for the week already, yay me! I'm taking four classes this semester but they all have staggered start dates so only two of my classes started this week, Tools for MLIS and Library and Information Center Management. My other two classes, Access to Information and Foundations of Museum Studies don't start until the end of September. I'm super excited about the Museum Studies class, I think it'll be really interesting. If you're starting school again this week, how do you like your classes so far?

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cinema at Home #9

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1. The Thrill of it All

 This movie starred one of my favorites, Doris Day, she is so funny in all of her movies! In this one she is a housewife with two children and her husband who is an obstetrician. Her life is very normal until one night when she and her husband are invited to dinner at one of his patients' homes and she is discovered to be a spokesperson for the family's product, Happy Soup. She begins filming commericals and being on billboards, and in turn spending less and less time with her husband. He tries his best to not be jealous of her new fame, but many things including a swimming pool filled with bubbles from detergent get the best of him for a little while.

2. My Dream is Yours

 I kept with the Doris Day theme and watched this one next. There is a big radio singer star named Garry Mitchell who decides to not renew his contract with the station because he is offered more money at another one. His manager, Doug Blake (played by Jack Carson), has to recruit a new radio star or he will be fired. While at a bar trying to figure out his next move, he hears a beautiful voice on the radio, that of Martha Gibson (Day). He tracks her down and promises her that she will be the next big star. When she meets Garry on one of his final days at the station, she falls in love with him quickly, but in the end realizes he is not for her and ends up with Doug Blake and the position that Garry left.

3. This is 40

 I really liked this one! It stars Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann as a couple reaching 40 and dealing with all that getting older entails. Super funny movie, they had two little girls, one who was a pre-teen with super crazy hormones, and the other was a little younger, she was a sweetheart. It really just follows the family, Debbie and Pete fight about family issues but in the end come back together stronger. If you saw Knocked Up you already know their characters Debbie and Pete as they are the same people. The nice thing is you can still watch the movie and know what's going on.

4. The Great Gatsby (1974)

 I'm continuing my Great Gatsby watch with a third rendition of the book. I have already reviewed the 2013 and 2000 version in previous Cinema at Home posts. This one was a good one, it starred Robert Redford and Mia Farrow, both names I've heard before but never actual seen them in action. Mia Farrow was stunning and played a perfect Daisy, but I felt like Robert Redford's Gatsby was a little tame, he wasn't as crazy as I think of when I think of Gatsby, not as crazy as Leonardo DiCaprio, but I felt like he could have shown he really really loved Daisy. Overall I really liked this version too, I don't think there will be a version that I won't like.

5. Lars and the Real Girl
This movie was so good, I absolutely loved it! Ryan Gosling plays a slightly recluse character who lives in the garage of his parents old house where his brother and his wife now live. He is very socially awkward, doesn't like to be touched and  he shocks his brother and his wife by bringing a "girl" home, which ends up being a life size doll he buys off the internet. Throughout the movie you realize that he's not a crazy as he seems, but instead this doll is just his way to connect to the outside world. The whole town plays along with acting as if Bianca is real, and it really just shows how much everyone cares for Lars, when he feels like he doesn't matter to anyone and can't feel love. With the help of Bianca, and a therapist who was also Bianca's doctor, Lars' fears began to wear off and he could feel love from others. So amazing.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Lakeview Cemetery

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Sweater: Loft
Pants: Freddies of Pinewood

The other day I went to Lakeview Cemetery to explore some graves and take pictures. Lakeview is a very large and old cemetery, I believe it was established in 1869. I know it's weird to walk through graveyards, but it's such a beautiful place and has so many beautiful monuments. There is a pond, a garden with elaborate crypts, and a chapel. There are always people running or walking their dogs or just enjoying the scenery there. I felt strange taking pictures of people's gravestones so I didn't really take any. This is a secret but I always feel bad when I'm walking though the headstones because I feel like I'm walking on people so I always whisper "I'm sorry" and "Excuse me" to the ground as I pass through! There are some famous Clevelanders buried in this cemetery including Eliot Ness and President Garfield. President Garfield has a huge building surrounding his and his wife's coffins which you can walk around down in the basement, which is super creepy. There's also a rooftop that you can see the downtown Cleveland skyline from, which is pretty amazing.

Friday, August 23, 2013

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

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 Dress: Ebay via my50svintagedresses
Shoes: Target

I love this dress so much! Red, bows, and polka dots are the perfect combination. The problem is, I have no idea where exactly to wear this dress. It feels a bit too formal to wear to work, so I'm thinking I need to plan a fancy dress party or find a place to go swing dancing. I went swing dancing with a group called Get Hep Swing a few months ago and it was a ton of fun. I am not a dancer, but there were so many different skill levels among everyone. Everybody was just focused on having fun and dancing to the live swing band. It didn't hurt that they gave a little basic lesson in the beginning which was super helpful!

Have you ever been swing dancing? Did you have fun?

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Chocolate Chip Reese Brownie Cupcakes

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Sunday night I made these delicious layered pieces of heaven for the knitting girls at our meeting Monday night. This was the most simple recipe that was inspired by Pinterest of course! All you do is layer pre-made cookie dough, a Reese's peanut butter cup, and store bought brownie mix on top and pop them in he oven. So quick and easy, and all of the chocolate will put you in a chocolate coma. If you are allergic to peanut butter I think this would taste good as just a brownie and cookie mix, or even add something else in as the third layer! Just writing about these makes me want to make more!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Great Wide Somewhere

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 Dress: Modcloth
Shoes: Seychelles via Modcloth

 Woah, who let me outside! Today was the last day of my internship, it was so bittersweet. I was happy because this means school starts next week (am I the only one excited about that?) and I was sad because I was leaving the other interns as well as the other people who worked in the office. I've made some great new friends and it's sad that I won't be seeing them every Monday and Tuesday now but I promised I would visit. Yesterday my boss took me out for a goodbye lunch which was super sweet! We went to Panera and I had the best salad. I didn't know Panera was so good.

In other news at knitting circle last night I decided to attempt my first pair of socks. It took me and hour to get it started correctly, using  circular needles, but I think I'll be okay from here. I've heard that socks are really difficult so I have always steered away from them. If there are any knitters reading do you have any tips on socks?

Hope you have a great Tuesday!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Christina's 23rd Birthday!

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The Birthday Girl Christina!, and me

Mary, Jenny, Christina
Me, Jenny, Brad

Dan and Christina

Steph is on the left, and apparently Christina didn't get the memo that it was a nice picture haha!
Saturday was the lovely Christina's  23rd birthday and it was lots of fun! For her birthday we went out in Willoughby, which is this little strip of bars, and where we go to karaoke sometimes. I was so excited to find out that our friends Jenny and Brad were coming, they live in Michigan now so I don't get to see them that often. They surprised us by giving us our Save the Date cards! They got engaged earlier this year and have been working on wedding plans (Jenny already found her dress, so pretty!), I can't wait for their wedding. We had a lot of fun, but being the little old lady I am I got kind of tired early but luckily Steph, Brad, and Jenny were too so we cut out a little early while the rest of the party carried on. I know Christina had a great time, I'm glad we could all go out to celebrate with her.

*I'm not sure why the coloring in the pictures is so different. I think when someone else was taking pictures they accidentally changed the setting! I tried to fix it but no luck.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday Sounds #20

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It's my friend Christina's birthday so in celebration I'm sharing this *Nsync song which we still regularly sing to this day! Happy Birthday Tina!

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Feast!

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 Sweater: H&M
Dress: eShakti
Shoes: Target
Petticoat: Modcloth

 When August rolls around, one thing I look forward to is the Feast of the Assumption (or just "the feast" as most people call it). This happens for four days in our Little Italy, and all of the Italian restaurants set up tents on the streets and it is some of the most amazing food! I went with my friend Theresa and we both had cavatelli, stromboli, and chocolate cannolis. Oh my gosh everything was so yummy! There were also fair games and a live cover band which was really fun. I'm very tempted to go back a few more times before the weekend is up!

I leave you with this last picture, which sums up Theresa and I's friendship perfectly:

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sriracha Shrimp

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I really love shrimp anything, and I've never attempted to cook shrimp at home before, so I decided to buy a bag of frozen shrimp and see what I could come up with. I was really in the mood for something spicy and decided to cook the shrimp with sriracha. Best. Decision. Ever. I cooked them with the sriracha and added a bit more and some red pepper flakes and put everything on top of some rice. Super simple and delicious. Easy dinners are my go-to because I'm not the best cook, though I have been trying to up my skills! I have a bit of a sriracha obsession, do you like sriracha?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


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 Sweater: The Loft
Tank: H&M
Jeans:  New Jeanies Freddies of Pinewood
Shoes: So old I have no idea!

Today has been an awesome day! This morning I stepped outside into chilly fall-like weather and it made me so happy. I love fall, it just makes me think of all the pretty leaves, apple picking, and pumpkin spice lattes to come :) I went to work this morning and had the sweetest customers, much less hectic than Friday! Afterwards went to one of my favorite coffee shops and read a bit of John Green's Paper Towns. So far I am loving the book, but I usually love everything John and Hank Green do (DFTBA!). Then I came home to my new Freddies of Pinewood jeans waiting at my doorstep!

I am not really a jeans person, I find that jeans don't fit me correctly and make me look wider in places I don't want to look wider, but I was really curious about how these retro style wide legged jeans would look on me. I looked at so many reviews and I could not find a bad review for the Freddies brand, so I took a chance and ordered them. I absolutely love them, my only problem is that they are a bit long, I had to roll them 3 times. That was to be expected since I'm only 5' 3", so I wasn't too upset about it, plus I think they look cute with a cuff.

I'm trying something different with my pictures today, I usually do collage style pictures with two side by side, but I think I like these bigger ones better. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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