Friday, August 2, 2013

Cinema at Home #8

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1. Gidget Goes Hawaiian

Since it's mid-summer, beach movies are the perfect choice. I love the Gidget series and the other two movies (Gidget and  Gidget Goes to Rome), but this one I hadn't seen before. Gidget is a sheltered teen growing up in the late 50s-early 60s and she becomes a surfer among the boys and gets herself into all kinds of mischief. In this sequel, Gidget and Moondoggy  get into a bit of a tiff before Gidget goes to Hawaii with her parents for a summer vacation because it would mean they had less time together. While there a boy named Eddie shows interest in Gidget, and right at that moment Moondoggy comes to surprise her, and in return starts to talk to a girl named Abby who tries her best to break up Gidget and Moondoggy. It was a really fun movie, Gidget is always funny

2. The Office Seasons 1-6

When The Office first came on when I was in high school, I tried to watch it and I absolutely hated it, I didn't like the camera style and the humor seemed odd. Boy was I wrong! I have watched the first six seasons and counting in the past month or so. Michael is so unaware of how uncool he is it's ridiculous, Jim and Pam are the perfect couple, and Dwight has to be my favorite character, he is totally nuts. For those 2 other people like me who weren't watching this show, it's about a paper company called Dunder Mifflin and the office of salespeople who work there. I know that the British version was the original show, so when I'm finished with this one I'll probably watch the original as well.

3. The Great Gatsby (2000)

This version of Great Gatsby stars Paul Rudd as Nick, and I really liked it. It was much quicker paced and less Baz Luhrmann over the top, but still very good. It went along with the book pretty well, but veered off in two places the I noticed the most. One, the drunken man in the library turned out to be a real life T J Eckleburg look-a-like who continued to pop up throughout the movie, which was fine, I just thought his character was a little goofy. The second was that they included Gatsby's father, Henry Gatz, in the end and added this story of him coming to the funeral and telling Nick more about how little Jimmy was always ambitious. This I thought could have been left out because it was a little unneccesary, but it wasn't too bad. Overall it was a good one, I really want to watch the other versions to compare them too!

4. Dangerous When Wet (1953)

This was a 50s musical about a family of farmers, the Higgins family, who were also great swimmers. The family took pride in being the strongest swimmers in town. A salesman for a magical elixir called Liquapep comes through town, sees the family and becomes intrigued by the oldest daughter Katie, and wants to use them in a race across the English channel, all while branding Liquapep. The family agrees because with the money won from the race they could update their farm with some new machinery. When they got to England and began training, Katie catches the eye of a French man named Andre, who woos and distracts her from training, much to the disdain of Wendy, the Liquapep salesman. In the end, she makes it across the channel, falls in love with Andre, and Wendy finds a lady love of his own.

5. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954)

This musical was set in the 1850s in a small town about a set of seven brothers who lived out in the woods. The oldest brother, Adam, went to town to get some supplies and met and married his wife Milly. She didn't realize that his six brothers were wildmen, and she had to teach them manners and how to court a lady. The boys tried to woo some ladies in town during a barn raising, but ended up in a giant fight. Now lovesick, the boys turned to their brother Adam, who had the great idea to sneak back into town and kidnap their girls, which they did and did not get caught by the townspeople because an avalanche closed off the one passage between town and their home. The girls had to stay with the men all winter, eventually fell in love with the boys, and of course there was a happy ending. I really liked the musical numbers, and I thought the dancing was great.

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  1. Gosh, I remember watching Gidget goes Hawaiian with my mom--so goofy, but a fun movie!


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