Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cinema at Home #9

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1. The Thrill of it All

 This movie starred one of my favorites, Doris Day, she is so funny in all of her movies! In this one she is a housewife with two children and her husband who is an obstetrician. Her life is very normal until one night when she and her husband are invited to dinner at one of his patients' homes and she is discovered to be a spokesperson for the family's product, Happy Soup. She begins filming commericals and being on billboards, and in turn spending less and less time with her husband. He tries his best to not be jealous of her new fame, but many things including a swimming pool filled with bubbles from detergent get the best of him for a little while.

2. My Dream is Yours

 I kept with the Doris Day theme and watched this one next. There is a big radio singer star named Garry Mitchell who decides to not renew his contract with the station because he is offered more money at another one. His manager, Doug Blake (played by Jack Carson), has to recruit a new radio star or he will be fired. While at a bar trying to figure out his next move, he hears a beautiful voice on the radio, that of Martha Gibson (Day). He tracks her down and promises her that she will be the next big star. When she meets Garry on one of his final days at the station, she falls in love with him quickly, but in the end realizes he is not for her and ends up with Doug Blake and the position that Garry left.

3. This is 40

 I really liked this one! It stars Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann as a couple reaching 40 and dealing with all that getting older entails. Super funny movie, they had two little girls, one who was a pre-teen with super crazy hormones, and the other was a little younger, she was a sweetheart. It really just follows the family, Debbie and Pete fight about family issues but in the end come back together stronger. If you saw Knocked Up you already know their characters Debbie and Pete as they are the same people. The nice thing is you can still watch the movie and know what's going on.

4. The Great Gatsby (1974)

 I'm continuing my Great Gatsby watch with a third rendition of the book. I have already reviewed the 2013 and 2000 version in previous Cinema at Home posts. This one was a good one, it starred Robert Redford and Mia Farrow, both names I've heard before but never actual seen them in action. Mia Farrow was stunning and played a perfect Daisy, but I felt like Robert Redford's Gatsby was a little tame, he wasn't as crazy as I think of when I think of Gatsby, not as crazy as Leonardo DiCaprio, but I felt like he could have shown he really really loved Daisy. Overall I really liked this version too, I don't think there will be a version that I won't like.

5. Lars and the Real Girl
This movie was so good, I absolutely loved it! Ryan Gosling plays a slightly recluse character who lives in the garage of his parents old house where his brother and his wife now live. He is very socially awkward, doesn't like to be touched and  he shocks his brother and his wife by bringing a "girl" home, which ends up being a life size doll he buys off the internet. Throughout the movie you realize that he's not a crazy as he seems, but instead this doll is just his way to connect to the outside world. The whole town plays along with acting as if Bianca is real, and it really just shows how much everyone cares for Lars, when he feels like he doesn't matter to anyone and can't feel love. With the help of Bianca, and a therapist who was also Bianca's doctor, Lars' fears began to wear off and he could feel love from others. So amazing.

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