Monday, August 5, 2013


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Christina and I took a daytrip to this cute little beach town called Geneva-On-The-Lake. Neither of us had been there before and it was such a fun day! The first thing we did was went to the beach in their state park. It was much smaller than Mentor Headlands (the beach we normally go to) but it was a lot nicer.
 After the beach we went into town and found this little place that had all kinds of arcade games, a carousel, bumper boats, go karts, and mini golf. We did the bumper boats and mini golf. I don't think I've ever done bumper boats before but it was much more fun than normal bumper cars. We had a lot of fun playing mini golf, the course was really cute and they were playing music so we sang and danced along as we played.
Geneva is known for their wineries so we stopped by Firehouse Winery and tried Spiced Apple and Raspberry Reflections wine, both were really yummy! The building looked like an old firehouse and the walls were covered with firemen badges from cities all around Ohio. There were also old uniforms and mini fire trucks, so much to look at!
We walked down the main street which had all kinds of restaurants and gift shops, everything kind of had an old fashioned boardwalk feel. We stopped and got a late lunch and had pasta and then we headed home. I love days like this, daytrips are the best.

How is your Monday going, did you do anything fun over the weekend?

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