Monday, August 26, 2013

Lakeview Cemetery

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The other day I went to Lakeview Cemetery to explore some graves and take pictures. Lakeview is a very large and old cemetery, I believe it was established in 1869. I know it's weird to walk through graveyards, but it's such a beautiful place and has so many beautiful monuments. There is a pond, a garden with elaborate crypts, and a chapel. There are always people running or walking their dogs or just enjoying the scenery there. I felt strange taking pictures of people's gravestones so I didn't really take any. This is a secret but I always feel bad when I'm walking though the headstones because I feel like I'm walking on people so I always whisper "I'm sorry" and "Excuse me" to the ground as I pass through! There are some famous Clevelanders buried in this cemetery including Eliot Ness and President Garfield. President Garfield has a huge building surrounding his and his wife's coffins which you can walk around down in the basement, which is super creepy. There's also a rooftop that you can see the downtown Cleveland skyline from, which is pretty amazing.

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