Friday, September 6, 2013

Fears (Blogtember #4)

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A story about a time you were very afraid.

Last October my mom told us over family dinner that she had been to the doctor, and that she had cysts which thankfully were not cancerous, but needed to be removed and she would undergo surgery. This to me was the scariest thing to ever happen. My dad had undergone ankle surgery when I was younger, but I don't think it hit me as hard because I was younger so I didn't really know what exactly it all meant. This time, I completely understood. Her surgery was scheduled for my last day of school before Thanksgiving break in November. I had a paper due that day so I couldn't miss class to be at the hospital, and the entire time I was at school I couldn't concentrate, I couldn't breathe, I was just so nervous and constantly checking my phone to see if my dad or brother texted me to say she was out of surgery and going to be okay. From 7 am until about 11:30 I felt this extreme panic, and finally my dad texted me saying everything went fine and she was okay and in recovery. The level of panic went down a bit, but I still couldn't breathe easily until I could actually go to see her. When I got to the hospital she was fine, very out of it, but fine, and relief washed over me. Having a loved one in the hospital is probably one of the worst feelings, and I'm just glad she was just fine. She came home on Thanksgiving day and I was so happy, but those hours waiting to hear if she was alright were the most nerve-wracking and the most afraid I have been in a long time.



  1. I am glad that she is home safe and sound. the thought of losing a loved one is scary to me too.


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