Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Oops...I Did It Again... (Blogtember #17)

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 Dress: Lindy Bop via Amazon
Sweater: Target
Shoes: Famous Footwear

Write about a time you screwed up - a mistake you made. 

So a time I made a mistake was actually Monday! I have always been and probably always will be a procrastinator, but for the first time in grad school, I actually waited until the very last minute to write a paper. It was a 4-5 page paper and had to have 5-6 sources for my Library Management class. Now I write school related things fairly quickly so I just thought it would be okay to wait until the day it was due (Monday) to actually sit down and write it. Monday comes, I look at my class webpage, and it dawns on me that not only is that paper due, but there's also another project due! Oh geez, way to shoot yourself in the foot! Luckily I don't work Mondays so I designate them classwork days anyway, but I spent from 10am until 11:36pm when I turned the paper in, writing. Lesson to me, if I'm going to procrastinate, make sure that there's only one thing due that day. Or not procrastinate at all...but I don't think I'll ever really break that bad habit.


  1. Love ,,love love your dress! I'll have to check out that site as you know I am kinda addicted to anything vintage inspired!

  2. Hi, from the blogtember link-up!

    I am a fellow coffee addict - so it is good to 'meet' you! :-)

    I used to leave assignments or essays a bit late - it would send me into a worryiing tailspin but turn out ok in the end. Do not work like that anymore (well - sometimes I leave writing my blog posts a bit late)!

    Molly xo


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