Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Shopaholics Anonymous is Coming My Way (Blogtember #7)

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Share links to your favorite online shops, preferably with a few photos of your favorite items in each shop.

So today I get to share some of my favorite shops, and I love online shopping! You can look for exactly what you want and don't have to wade through piles of clothes and people in the mall to find something cute. I also just really like getting things in the mail, it's a fun surprise for the day!

Here are some of my favorite places to shop:

 1. Modcloth                      

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I absolutely love Modcloth, there is no better place to find tons of cute girly dresses with all the patterns you can think of and super cute accessories and shoes. Plus, they have the most amazing sales throughout the year, my favorites are the flash sales when everything is 70% off. The only thing I have to watch out for is sometimes the dresses are a bit too short for my taste, but they are really good at having all of the measurements in their descriptions, and they allow people to post pictures in their customer reviews which is helpful for seeing what clothes will look like on. 

2. eShakti

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eShakti is the best for dresses. They do a lot of retro styled dresses, skirts and tops. The best part is you can custom make any of their dresses to fit your measurements, as well as change the length, add or remove sleeves, or many other options. This way you can make the dress completely unique to you, which I really like.

3. ElizabethJeanVintage

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I love the website Etsy, if you've never checked it out before please do! Etsy is a place where a lot of people have shops in which the sell all sorts of things from vintage to jewelry to great little presents like coffee mugs and handmade nerdy t shirts, buttons, furniture, fabric, pretty much anything you can think of. One of my favorite shops to fawn over is ElizabethJeanVintage, who finds and sells the prettiest vintage pieces.

 4. Zappos

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 I have an obsession with shoes and zappos is my favorite place to shop for them! I have problems finding shoes in stores sometimes because I wear a U.S. size 10, which is pretty big, and most stores only go up to 9, at least around me. With this website you can narrow your search by size, style, heel height, and color. The best part is, once you make your first order, you become a "v.i.p", so you get free next day shipping on all of your orders after that! You also earn points every time you make a purchase which can go towards something in their rewards area, which usually consists of gift cards or something similar. They also sell clothing, purses, and other accessories, but I honestly only ever buy shoes from them.

These are only a few of my favorite shops, what are some of yours?


  1. I LOVE Modcloth too! I have recently ordered two sweaters from them. I am dying to wear them! Unfortunately Louisiana does't seem to know its fall yet!

  2. Modcloth is totally the best ever. I must check out some of these other sitees that I don't know about especially because those shoes look absolutely incredible.


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