Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cinema at Home #10

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1. Music Within

I saw this movie in a preview on the Lars and the Real Girl dvd, and it looked so good I requested it from the library that day. It follows a man who had a very troubled childhood as his mother went a bit crazy because of her many miscarriages, being abandoned at an orphanage, and being brought back again a few years later. He went to the army after school was done and ended up in Vietnam, where an explosion caused him to be partially deaf minus this horrid constant ringing in his ears. His dreams of going to college were dashed because of his new disability, and he becomes friends with a guy in a wheelchair who has cerebral palsy. The two of them become best friends and begin to fight for disability discrimination rights when they experience things like being asked to leave restaurants because they were making people uncomfortable and actually being arrested for refusing to leave. This was based on a true story of how these two changed the way we view and treat the disabled, thankfully for the better.

2. Year One

This movie was hilarious! It had my favorite awkward guy Michael Cera, and Jack Black who is always funny. It follows these two, Cera being a gatherer and Black a hunter (a really bad one) and  they are banished from their tribe and begin wandering around, and run into a few different biblical characters, get sold into slavery, and all along the way they keep running into and trying to get two ladies from their tribe to like them. Overall it was really funny, nice light movie to make you laugh.

3. Don Jon

I admit, I saw this movie only because Joseph Gordon Levitt directed, wrote, and starred in it. I've loved him since his 3rd Rock from the Sun days, and he has been in a lot of great movies, and also some lesser known oddballs that were still great (Mysterious Skin is a good example). The plot of this movie is that a Jersey guido type is addicted to porn and also promiscuous sex, but it's strange because he's sort of freakishly clean and goes to church every week to confess and has a really funny family. He sees this one girl at a club, and she makes him want to not watch porn anymore and actually try to date a girl, but he finds that he can't do it. The girl (Scarlett Johanssen) turns out not to be the best for him either, because she wants to change everything about him and "fix" him. He finally meets an older lady in a night class and she teaches him how to truly love. Even with the weird fixation on porn, this movie is trying to comment on relationships and how men, women, and society think of relationships differently. That, or I'm thinking to hard to defend my childhood crush on making this awkward plotline.

4. Gravity

I love the director Alfonso Cuaron (He also directed Y Tu Mama Tambien, Children of Men, and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) and he did such an amazing job. I don't want to spoil to much of the movie so the basic premise is that there is a space crew with three people space walking doing maintenance on the Hubble telescope when debris from a broken up Russian satellite hits their ship, the telescope, and them. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney were two of the people space walking, and Sandra gets detached from the ship by debris and starts to float away into space. The views of space and earth were absolutely stunning, I recommend if you want to see it to see it in the theater just so you get the full effect with the large screen. It was very suspenseful, very little dialogue and lots of periods of total silence to make you feel like you were in space with them.

5. Mr. Lucky

Turner Classic Movies shows the best movies on Sunday mornings, I almost always can watch a Cary Grant movie! In Mr. Lucky Cary Grant is a gambler who goes undercover at a War Relief Society to try and steal money to buy a casino ship. He's a pretty slimy character in the beginning but he falls in love with one of the ladies who works at the War Relief Society and learns that he also cares for the fund, if not until the very end of course. Before this happens of course, his love's grandfather is constantly suspicious of him, even accusing him at a fundraiser ball of already stealing money from the society, which he conveniently had to hand over in his suit jacket. I won't tell you the end, but it surprised me. My favorite part was when the ladies were teaching him to knit, they were teaching him ribbing and he dropped a bunch of stitches and slammed the needles down. I have totally done that!

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  1. your review makes me watch them all, especially the last one. gotta love old movies :D

    Anna of serendipityhappening.blogspot.com


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