Monday, October 14, 2013

Cosmic Stardust

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 Jacket: American Living via JCPenney
Shirt (similar) : LOFT
Skirt: Pin Up Girl Clothing

Hello all! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, mine was pretty fun! Thursday I went to see my friend Jamie's band Let 'Em Run play for the first time. They are a bluegrass band with some modern twists. I danced my tail off at the concert they were amazing! Friday night I had a Cleveland Emerging Museum Professionals (EMP) meeting and we listened to Dennis Barrie speak and he was the biggest museum world person we've ever talked to. He helped build the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame here in Cleveland, the International Spy Museum in Washington D.C. and a Mob Museum in Las Vegas. 

Most of his time was spent on telling us about those in particular, but in his early career he also worked at Graceland! I almost fell out of my seat! He looked over at me when he was talking and said "I know some of us here are probably too young to appreciate this one" (I'm the youngest in the group, the median age is around 30) and all I wanted to do was shout out how much I love Elvis and ask how he got that job and just lots of mush about Elvis but I also didn't want to look nuts in front of this man or embarrass our group so I just sat and smiled.

I also started my first knitted sweater and I'm so excited! I've always been intimidated by having to follow very large detailed patterns but so far I haven't had too many problems. There were a few abbreviations I didn't remember exactly what to do (M1, ssk, 6 st LC), but nothing that couldn't be fixed without youtube instructions! I think it also helps that I've done cables before and that is the most difficult thing about it the pattern really. 

Hope you have a Marvelous Monday!


  1. So cute! As always! Love a good full skirt they are so comfortable! I want to learn to knit so bad! They are offering classes at our local library. I think I might join......You inspire me so!

  2. That skirt is awesome! I can't even tell you how much I love it!!


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