Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Part II: Pink Ladies Edition

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Part II of Halloween was Saturday and Christina and I went to Kent State University's Halloween with her boyfriend Dan (The baseball player, or Mario as he was mistaken many times in the night) and his friends the Oompa Loompas! They were so funny, everyone kept stopping them to take pictures and they sang the songs down the street!

Christina and I decided to be the Pink Ladies from Grease, which was so much fun! I made her take outfit pictures with me, but we were kind of rushing so I only took a few pictures and majority of them were us looking totally silly (see picture number two as an example). We saw lots of creative costumes from everyone, I even saw a few Lucy's so I was glad I wasn't wearing my Lucy costume as well.

I love Halloween themed things so much because I love dressing up! Tonight I'm going to a Halloween themed karaoke night with Chrisina so we're going to be Pink Ladies again, and I have two more Halloween things to go to which I might make up a third or fourth costume for those.

Has anyone else done anything fun for Halloween or love it as much as I do? Share your costumes if you have dressed up already!

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