Monday, October 7, 2013

Knitting Style

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 Lately I have been knitting like crazy! I gave up on making my green blanket I was working on for months and months any longer and since I've been working on new projects I've started to love knitting again. The blue cowl I made after winning our Staff Summer Reading program at work. My coworkers made the prize bag personalized to me, so I received the blue yarn, which is the absolute softest, knitting needles, and a coffee gift card.

These socks are like my pride and joy, the second sock is finished now, and I'm restarting a second pair of socks in a blue, yellow and green pattern. I don't know why I was so afraid of making socks, now I love them and they go pretty quick. I know what I'm making for some of my Christmas presents ;)

Yesterday I went to an annual library Knit Out, not at my library but at a different system, and it was hosted by the North Coast Knitters Guild. I went with my knitting circle girls and we got to chat with lots of other knitters who were all working on fun projects.


  1. Oh girl! I wish I lived close to you, so you could teach me how to knit! That is so neat! I have always wanted to learn!

  2. so great! I am working on thinking about trying to teach myself how to knit! lol

  3. ah, those socks are so cute! i love the yarn!

    lindsey louise


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