Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Boots Season


 Sweater: LOFT
Shirt: LOFT
Pants: Freddies of Pinewood
Hair Scarf: Hey Viv! via Amazon

So much snow!! My goodness! So I was not brave enough to actually walk through the snow to take pictures so I stood at the edge of my driveway, close enough right? Well on this chilly day I met up with my friends Jenny and Brad for lunch at Barle Soup and Sandwich. It's the cutest little shop close to where I work and I go there for lunch a lot. They are super vegan friendly which was nice for my friends because they are both vegan and there aren't too many food options around where we live. They were visiting home for the holidays because they live out of state now. It was really nice catching up!

I know I said this Monday but I can't believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow, yay! My mom is already talking about starting to bake when she gets home today. I have a nice three day vacation from work (perks of working in a library: you get so many holidays off because you're closed!) My professors are all being super nice and cut down the amount of work for this week so it's pretty much smooth sailing this week. Oh, I was super excited because I found a whole basket full of yarn that I thought had gotten lost in the move this summer but I just stuck it in a box and forgot about it so now I have so much more yarn to work with! I think that knitting and catching up on reading will be the majority of my next few days.

What are you doing for the holiday? Do you have any fun traditions you do with your families?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Jessica Day and Holidays

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 Dress: eShakti
Sweater: LOFT
Shoes: Target

I wore this to work yesterday, and I totally felt like Jessica Day from New Girl. I love Zooey Deschanel's style, it's so super darling! I haven't quite figured out outdoor outfit picture taking in the winter just yet. because it has rained for the past two days and now it's finally turned to snow. I think it may actually be here to stay this time, but who knows!

This weekend was all about Doctor Who! Is anyone as much of a nerd as I am?? I watched the live simulcast with some friends and taped it later as well. I'm super bummed that I work tomorrow night because I am missing out on seeing it in the movie theater in 3D. Oh well. What did you think of it? I won't say anything about it here since I actually wrote a huge nerd rant about it for an upcoming Cinema at Home feature.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is this week you guys! It feels like it was just Halloween, time is flying by! I love the holidays, I'll confess I've been listening to Christmas music since earlier this month. My mom and I found a recipe for bacon weaved turkey so we're going to try that out for Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is at our house this year so my grandparents will be coming over. I'm really excited about Thanksgiving this year because last year my mom had surgery around this time and she came home Thanksgiving day so we didn't have a celebration or anything, so it'll be extra special this year!

What are you doing to celebrate the holidays? What is your favorite (or least favorite) part of the holiday season? My least favorite definitely has to be Black Friday. I worked retail for two years so I will not be shopping in that craziness.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fall Walks

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Sunday was oddly warm for November. It was in the 60s here so I decided to talk a walk in my favorite place, Squire's Castle. It looked so pretty walking through all the leaves, and it was nice to slow down a bit after a super busy week and before this next busy week began. I'm counting down the weeks until school is done (3 left!) and hopefully I'll have something more exciting to talk about, like all the fun holidays that are coming up so soon!

Today I'm headed to the Akron Art Museum  to do an observation and interview for a school project. I'm pretty excited because I have wanted to go to the Akron Art Museum for a while but I just hadn't made it there yet! I remember when Mandi from Making Nice in the Midwest did a post about her tour there and it seems like a great museum. Plus I like long car rides so it'll be nice to drive and listen to music and sing really awesomely (loudly) in the car. Well, I have to get ready so have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Wide Eyes

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 Sweater: LOFT (similar)
Shirt: H&M
Skirt: Target

Oh goodness, this is my first outfit post in a week! When I went out to take pictures I felt like I was starting all over again and took some of the the most awkward pictures, but they were really funny to look though. I also realized when I was going through that because the leaves have mainly fallen now you can see the parking garage for the shopping center behind my house really well, so if you see signs that's why. I wore this to work this morning so I just threw this together really quickly, but it think I came out with sort of a 60s vibe so it turned out just fine!

So yesterday I shared the Modcloth article on Facebook, and that was really nerve wracking for me. I don't really talk about my blog with too many of my friends because I just feel weird about it sometimes. It's like "Yeah I take pictures of my outfits with silly poses and post them on the internet and write about my life happenings." But I was surprised by how many people were really excited for me and liked it. My mom found my Pinterest board and reposted all of my pictures. Do any of you feel weird sharing blog stuff with your friends or family, especially if no one else really knows much about blogging? I know that sharing that yesterday made me feel as if they'd be less weird about it than I've made it seem in my head, but I want to know your thoughts, leave a comment below!

Bonus points if you know what song the title of this post is from :)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Surprise: I am a Featured Modcloth Style Gallery Contributer!

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So I have been waiting FOREVER to share this super exciting news! Today I am featured on Modcloth's blog as one of the top 10 Style Gallery Contributors! I love Modcloth so much, I am obsessed with their clothes and the Style Gallery girls and guys always give me great inspiration. Modcloth also gave us all the option to donate to one of two charities, either Dress for Sucess or the Anita Borg Institute. I chose Dress for Success but I think they're both great charities! Well, I'll stop blabbering on and you can go see for yourself by clicking HERE.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Radio Silence

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Photos taken from instagram

Wow, this week flew by! I can't believe it's already Thursday and I haven't posted since last Friday. I've been super busy this week, I started my new job Monday and so my work hours have been really weird so I've had no time for outfit posts or anything. My new coworkers are all really sweet so that's a plus but I'm still sad that I'll be leaving my branch family :( The semester is also winding down so I have to get started on all of my big final projects, which is super stressful but they're actually pretty fun for school projects. In one class I have to put together a video presentation so it'll be much more fun than just a paper.

This week wasn't all boring and work work work. Saturday I went to dinner with my friend Simone. We decided to try something new so we went to downtown Cleveland to the seafood place The Nauti Mermaid. It was super yummy, I love seafood! We went to see Grown Ups 2 afterwards, I hadn't seen the first one but you kind of don't need too. It was really funny.

Tuesday I went to my friend Christina's house and we made eggless cookie dough and played with her puppy Jacie and watched too many episodes of Untold Stories of the ER. Have you ever watched that show? It was a little crazy, there was a girl with a heel in her face!

Another show I have been watching too much of is Ancient Aliens. I think it's all a bit ridiculous with the conspiracy theories (though I do believe we aren't the only living things in the universe). I had a dream/nightmare last night that Jimmy Kimmel of all people and some other guys surrounded me and stole my phone and computer because I was sharing the Ancient Aliens videos (which I haven't...) and that I was telling too many people about aliens haha. It was so weird, I don't even watch Jimmy Kimmel's show or anything so I have no idea why he was there and why he was so concerned about aliens. Dreams are weird.

Hope you've been having a wonderful week!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Half Price Will Be the Death of Me


 Sweater: Old Navy
Skirt: Target
Tights: Worthington via JCPenney
Shoes: Target
Confession time (or maybe not really, I may have mentioned this before): I love bookstores, I literally can't walk in one without buying a book. On top of that, I can't buy just one book, I have to buy multiple books. Why is this? I don't know, I'm a hoarder. Anyway, I'm telling you all this because Half Price Books, our local secondhand bookstore, sent me a whole week's worth of coupons and I got so many books on Tuesday! (I've been verbally reminding myself not to drive to Half Price again) Lots of sci fi books, but my favorite most awesome find was a first edition copy of The Last Tycoon by F. Scott Fitzgerald. This is his last work, which was left unfinished because he died, but his last draft was edited and published after his death. I just thought it was the coolest thing, I couldn't believe it! Anyway, nerdy rant over haha.

Today is my last day at my branch at work, and I'm so sad and excited at the same time. I'm not going t be gone forever, and actually I'll be back at my branch for a few days next week because my branch does all the training for new employees so that makes me happy! This weekend should be pretty relaxing, which is much needed. Tonight I'm going to the Tremont Artwalk which is always a lot of fun. It happens once a month and all of the galleries in the neighborhood stay open late and it's always a lot of fun.

Do you have any plans this weekend?

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


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 Blazer: Thrifted
Sweater: Old Navy
Dress: New York and Co.
Boots: Target

Hello lovelies! So today's outfit was inspired by the 11th Doctor and Katie of Butterfly Loves Snapdragons. Katie always has the cutest vintage blazers and outerwear so I decided I wanted to put together a Katie inspired outfit! I bought this blazer a few years ago in the hopes of using it as a Matt Smith Doctor costume, but somehow I never actually used it, oh well!

Over the weekend I went to another Cleveland Browns game, it was so much fun! It was against the Baltimore Ravens and we have friends come up from Baltimore for the game, so our group was half Browns, half Ravens. We got some funny looks for fraternizing with the enemy haha, but it was a good time. The only downside was it was soooo cold! I wore six layers and we had those nifty hand/pocket warmers which were a lifesaver.

In other news, school is kicking my behind at the moment, so I apologize for the lack of actual outfit posts. I just finished another class so now I'm down to just two, but I have this huge museum project in one of them so it still feels like I have three!

I also have something really cool to share with you guys in the next few months but I can't say when just yet, but I'm really excited about it!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Thoughts on Phases of Life

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I haven't done a Thoughts post in a while, they're generally longer so I apologize for the huge chunk of text!

About a month ago I was going through some of my old things because I was looking for my blue wig for the Color Run. While I was searching I ran across six old Converse Chuck Taylor shoeboxes (they were practically the only shoes I wore in middle school/high school and I still have them!) and all of my friend's old notes. I'm a pretty sentimental person when it comes to saving things. I've not only saved those, but every flyer, program, and movie ticket stub from anything I've deemed important since elementary school. I decided to go through the boxes, organized by year of course, and read through some of the notes.The big majority of the notes came from my best friend in high school, we would write each other notes for every time we knew we passed each other in the hallway, so that was a LOT of notes. I also kept a journal with four or five friends called "The Notebook", and we covered the fronts in all of the hot guys of the day (Orlando Bloom, Jake Gyllenhaal, Benji Madden, Ryan Phillipe, any other early 2000s star), and this we passed to each person and everyone wrote a page. I kept these as well.

I couldn't stop laughing while reading some of these notes. High school kids now just won't have this kind of stuff since they just text each other and that's kind of sad (I make myself sound super old but I'm really not). Lots of the notes were about boys, that super hard test next period that we didn't study for, and really silly inside jokes. While I had fun looking through them and trying to remember how to re-fold them back up, it made me think of  how different my life is now from high school, just 5.5 years ago. The first thing I thought of was these friends, the ones I poured my heart out to in these notes, and how not close I am with them anymore. My best friend, the one that most of the notes are from, we haven't really kept in touch, simply because of growing up and life changing, she actually moved out of state recently with her fiance and I wish her the best of luck. The other notes mainly consisted of fellow Girl Scouts and a few band friends. I will always be grateful for Girl Scouts, the group really did make most of us "sisters for life". Of course we all don't hang out every day or have all the same friends anymore, but it's nice to know that when I do see those girls, it's really like nothing has changed.

I also think about how different my life is in just five years. The most I had to worry about was passing Physics and what chair I was going to make in band (I played flute/piccolo). I thought about some funny memories, like hanging out at my friend Jenny's house and playing with a giant millipede she was babysitting for the summer for the Biology teacher, or having my friends climb out of my passenger seat car window because the door was stuck AGAIN. The most devastating thing that happened was the boy I liked (and was probably practically stalking around school haha) didn't like me back. High school is a weird, awkward, but necessary transition period that everyone has to go through, but hopefully you can look back fondly at some parts, I know I still cringe at some memories I won't share. But bad memories teach you lessons, so be glad those happened too.

Now, I think life is pretty great, and once again in a transition period. I have a much smaller group of friends than in high school, and I think it's a good thing. Once life starts to get busy, you really don't have time to keep up with everyone, and everyone else is going through the same thing, so you keep the friends that are truly in your corner and make you smile. Worries have become bigger, finishing school, finding a job, those kind of 20 something worries, but having the most wonderful support group of friends and family helps you not go crazy. Even little things, like style of dress has changed. I went from super tomboy (jeans, band t-shirts, hoodies, and converse) to really girly (dresses and skirts all day, every day). This revelation would make my high school self choke on a gobstopper!

I'll finish this long ramble off with saying I can't wait to see what happens in the next five years. What I'll be doing, where I'll be, where my friends will be, just everything. The future is exciting. I'll leave you with a song since it's stuck in my head, have a great day!

Friday, November 1, 2013

All Hallow's Eve

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Sweater (similar): Target
Tank Top: Old Navy
Pants: Target
Shoes: Famous Footwear

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween, whether it was trick or treating or just having a relaxing night in. I kind of Halloween'd myself out before yesterday with all of last weekend's festivities! But I can't resist a theme, so I wore orange and black to work. We aren't allowed to dress up in costume for work, to respect those who don't celebrate certain holidays, but I figure the colors would be okay!

Last night I saw Ender's Game, that was my Halloween celebration! I have been waiting for Ender's Game since it was announced that they were making a movie last year. I won't give away any spoilers so no opinion given for now. If you have never read the Ender's or Shadow series, I recommend you go out and get those books now. That is, if you enjoy sci-fi of course.

I also wanted to say Happy Birthday to my dad!!! He's an awesome guy, we're celebrating as a family tomorrow with breakfast so it should be lots of fun!

P.S. Corduroy pants are amazing. Last time I had a pair I think I was in 6th grade, they are the warmest!

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