Friday, November 1, 2013

All Hallow's Eve

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Sweater (similar): Target
Tank Top: Old Navy
Pants: Target
Shoes: Famous Footwear

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween, whether it was trick or treating or just having a relaxing night in. I kind of Halloween'd myself out before yesterday with all of last weekend's festivities! But I can't resist a theme, so I wore orange and black to work. We aren't allowed to dress up in costume for work, to respect those who don't celebrate certain holidays, but I figure the colors would be okay!

Last night I saw Ender's Game, that was my Halloween celebration! I have been waiting for Ender's Game since it was announced that they were making a movie last year. I won't give away any spoilers so no opinion given for now. If you have never read the Ender's or Shadow series, I recommend you go out and get those books now. That is, if you enjoy sci-fi of course.

I also wanted to say Happy Birthday to my dad!!! He's an awesome guy, we're celebrating as a family tomorrow with breakfast so it should be lots of fun!

P.S. Corduroy pants are amazing. Last time I had a pair I think I was in 6th grade, they are the warmest!

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  1. I saw Ender's Game last night too, though I've never read the book before.


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