Monday, November 18, 2013

Surprise: I am a Featured Modcloth Style Gallery Contributer!

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So I have been waiting FOREVER to share this super exciting news! Today I am featured on Modcloth's blog as one of the top 10 Style Gallery Contributors! I love Modcloth so much, I am obsessed with their clothes and the Style Gallery girls and guys always give me great inspiration. Modcloth also gave us all the option to donate to one of two charities, either Dress for Sucess or the Anita Borg Institute. I chose Dress for Success but I think they're both great charities! Well, I'll stop blabbering on and you can go see for yourself by clicking HERE.


  1. Aaah, so exciting!!! Congratulations! And I LOVE this outfit.

  2. Awe congrats~ well deserved =)
    xo Missy

  3. :) Well done! I always forget how much I love Modcloth. Until I remember.. And then my bank balance usually gets a rude awakening, hehe! :) -
    Tea For Two

  4. how amazing!! they chose wisely!


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