Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Wide Eyes

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 Sweater: LOFT (similar)
Shirt: H&M
Skirt: Target

Oh goodness, this is my first outfit post in a week! When I went out to take pictures I felt like I was starting all over again and took some of the the most awkward pictures, but they were really funny to look though. I also realized when I was going through that because the leaves have mainly fallen now you can see the parking garage for the shopping center behind my house really well, so if you see signs that's why. I wore this to work this morning so I just threw this together really quickly, but it think I came out with sort of a 60s vibe so it turned out just fine!

So yesterday I shared the Modcloth article on Facebook, and that was really nerve wracking for me. I don't really talk about my blog with too many of my friends because I just feel weird about it sometimes. It's like "Yeah I take pictures of my outfits with silly poses and post them on the internet and write about my life happenings." But I was surprised by how many people were really excited for me and liked it. My mom found my Pinterest board and reposted all of my pictures. Do any of you feel weird sharing blog stuff with your friends or family, especially if no one else really knows much about blogging? I know that sharing that yesterday made me feel as if they'd be less weird about it than I've made it seem in my head, but I want to know your thoughts, leave a comment below!

Bonus points if you know what song the title of this post is from :)


  1. I'm the same way when it comes to sharing my blog with my friends! That cardigan is the *perfect* shade of blue! Pastels look really good on you!

  2. Your make up looks great, I love the 60's vibe of your outfit! Yes, I as well feel funny sometimes talking with people about my blog, especially if the don't really understand what blogging is.


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