Friday, December 20, 2013


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 Dress-Ebay//Sweater-H&M//Hair Scarf-Hey Viv!

So this post is going to be on bravery, but not in the way you may be thinking. I want to talk specifically about bravery in terms of personal style; wearing what you want to wear and not being afraid of people's comments or odd looks. This came to mind this morning because of this particular dress. I bought this dress back in the summer, and I have never worn in ANYWHERE except for in this post in my backyard. I don't dislike this dress, it's quite the opposite! It's bright red, has polka dots and bows, it's the right length, and has a beautiful neckline. My fear was that it was too much for a day to day dress, even though I have a few other dresses that are similar length and style.

My fear comes from not wanting to stand out too much or stand out in a negative way. This seems silly to me as I love retro styled full skirts and dresses and bright red lipstick with everything. I don't feel like myself without dressing this way and it makes me happy, but it also makes me feel a bit awkward like I'm the odd one out. I don't have vintage/retro loving friends "in real life" (which is one of the reasons I love blogging!), so I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb when I'm "too dressed up" and my friends are wearing casual (and always cute) modern clothes. This has prevented me from getting rid of all of my more modern styled clothes just because sometimes I just want to dress "normal"and blend in.

At work I try to dress more retro pretty often, except for really lazy days (that's what corduroys are for!), but even then it's awkward. I am constantly complimented on my outfits, which is sweet and I appreciate everyone's compliments, but then I worry that people think I'm fishing for compliments by dressing this way (sidenote: I could say the same about blogging, but I just love clothes and love sharing outfits with others and seeing others' outfits, I do not do it for compliments). I don't know if anyone actually does think that way but it's something I think about probably too often.

I guess the point of my post is sometimes I feel weird for dressing differently and "dressing up too much". But I love retro style and I have become more comfortable wearing these kinds of styles. One of my goals for next year is to stop holding on to so many modern styled clothes, donate the ones I have left, and only buy retro styles from now on. I also hope to stop feeling so embarrassed by standing out when I'm just dressing for me.

Does anyone else feel this way? You don't even have to specifically dress in retro styles, just do you judge your outfits based on what other people will think of you and perhaps maybe not wear that outfit just because of that? I'd like to hear what you think, let me know in the comments below!


  1. I say, "Go for it!" Who cares what others think. BTW...that dress is adorable on you!

  2. I agree with Christine. The dress is too cute and you are too! I think I know how you feel though. Although I do think that our style of clothes makes us our unique individual selves. I love your vintage style look. Of course you know how fond I am of vintage( insert a wink here) love ya girlie, and have wonderfully delightful Merry Christmas!

  3. supercute! love the secret polka dot section! be well and happy holidays!

  4. I used to very much feel self-conscious about the way I dressed... I remember coming up with outfits that I really liked, or putting on a piece of vintage that I'd bought, but then changing into something "safer" because I thought people would think I was weird or prissy.
    I don't remember anything specific that changed this, but these days I find that I just feel better about myself when I dress up, and the confidence boost seems to keep me from worrying about what other people are going to think about my clothes.
    I doubt that anyone is judging you for what you're wearing--they're probably just admiring how stinkin' adorable you are! And if, for some reason, they DO perceive you negatively, to hell with their opinion! They are obviously lacking in good taste ;]
    Have a wonderful day!

  5. stand out and be should never be embarrassed for showing off your great style. you are gorgeous!!


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