Monday, December 23, 2013

Getting Back Into Reading

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I have always been a reader, reading has always been one of my favorite past times. I even keep a journal that I list all of the books I've read in the past year! However, over the past few years I feel like I've slowed down because of school and work and blogs (gasp!) as a distraction. Since I was reading so many books for school and reading so many blogs since I started college in 2008, I put reading my own books for fun on the back burner, and began to read less and less.

The past few years I've only read about 10-15 books for myself, and despite this I've continued buying books so my to read pile has grown tremendously high. This year I made it a point to make reading a priority again, as much as I could. In this past week since I've been on winter break I have read 4 books and it was such a great feeling. I had forgotten how a book can suck you in for hours and you just get lost in the characters and scenes and different worlds (depending on what you're reading ;)).

I set a goal for myself to read 25 books this past year, and as of this post I'm up to 27. For 2014 I'm setting the goal even higher and going for 40. I think it'll be a good challenge and maybe I'll finally finish my ever growing to read pile. I can't guarantee I won't buy more, but I can at least get through the ones that I bought from Border's before they closed in 2011!

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