Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mixing Up The Seasons

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Dress-Ebay//Cardigan-H&M//Belt-Modcloth (came with a skirt)//Shoes- Famous Footwear

It's currently snowing buckets outside but I wore this floral dress today to remind myself of warmer times! Last week was my last week of class, hooray! My final projects took me a day each to finish but they are done and I'm happy! Just two more semesters to go and I'll by done with school forever (for now). I haven't been all schoolwork and no fun, over the weekend I went to Olive Garden with friends and we had a really good time and a really funny waitress! Last night my knitting group and I went to the library I work at because one of the librarians hosts a knitting club there and it happens to be on the same night and time that we usually have ours. They were having their holiday party so we brought treats and had a yarn swap! I made peppermint brownies, which were super quick and easy. I just used boxed brownie mix and bought some Andes peppermint/chocolate candies and cut them up, mixed some in the batter, and sprinkled some on top. They were really yummy, peppermint is my favorite. I'll eat all of the candy canes off of our tree by myself! 


  1. I adore that dress! My goodness if I lived closer, I definitely would be knocking on your door to borrow from your closet!

  2. That is a gorgeous dress and I love how you winterized it! We have a ton of snow as well...yuck. Congrats on finishing up your projects. Isn't it always such a relief to get the school work done and over with?


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