Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

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Thanksgiving flew by in a flash! Everything was so great, my grandparents came over to our house for dinner. My mom and I were inspired by my friend who posted a picture of a bacon wrapped turkey on Facebook earlier in the month, so we had to try it out! It was SO GOOD! Who knew that just adding bacon would be that amazing, and it made the turkey look pretty too :)

My dad put up our Christmas tree on Friday! I know it's early for some people but I love that it's already Christmas at home! I'm in charge of setting up our Christmas town tables, complete with little buildings, people, animals and trains, so I'll probably be doing that today!

Saturday we said goodbye and good luck to our friend Neil. He is moving to Georgia to go to grad school so we had a farewell dinner for him. We went to dinner at the restaurant called Reddstone and it was really good! It's a new place and it was kind of hidden at the end of a street that had no other restaurants on it so I thought I was headed the wrong way! It was a fun night and it's going to be strange having another friend move away, but he's going to have a great time there. If anything, he gets to miss out on the cold and snowy winter, I'm a bit jealous!

How was your holiday weekend? Did you have a good time with you families and maybe do a bit of Black Friday shopping?

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  1. what a great weekend, except the saying goodbye part. i will have to tell my mom about the bacon turkey, i know she'd love it.


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