Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cinema at Home #13

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1. Fun in Alcapulco

I may as well call this Cinema at Home: Elvis Edition, because I went on a little Elvis movie marathon. Fun in Alcapulco is one of my favorites. Elvis is a deckhand for a rich man and his daughter who are vacationing in Alcapulco until the daughter gets him fired. In order to make money to get back to the States, he befriends a local kid who's cousin owns a hotel. He works as a hotel singer (of course haha) and a lifeguard and becomes entangled in a love triangle between a famous female matador and the hotel chef's daughter.

2. Follow That Dream

This is not one of my favorite Elvis movies, I'd rate it a 3/5, but I have watched it a few times. In this one Elvis plays a veteran with his father, their fourth cousins that they are guardians of that are twin boys, and an orphan girl that was the twins' baby sitter. They are living off of all kinds of government check support and they set up a home on the beach and become homesteaders. The city officials do not like this at all and the whole movie they try their best to legally remove the misfit family from the beach. The funniest scene is when Elvis is trying to get a loan from the bank and he ends up accidentally holding it up!

3. Girl Happy 

In this Elvis movie, Elvis is in a band with three other guys who play in a club owned by a man with a college age daughter. She wants to go on spring break and her father is reluctant to let her go without a chaperone, so he forces Elvis and the band to secretly chaperone the girl and her friends, or else they would be fired from the club. There's lots of fun beach songs and spring romance all throughout, and Elvis gets the girl in the end.

4. Ed Wood

This was the second time I've watched Ed Wood, but the first time I was still in high school and I remember watching it with two of my friends on a portable dvd player in a park. Therefore, I didn't pay too much attention to it and every time I did I had no idea what was happening really which made it seem stranger than it really was. Ed Wood is a Tim Burton movie based on a real kooky 1950s director named Ed Wood who made super low budget movies, liked to cross dress, and loved Bela Lugosi, the original Dracula. It documents his life and the making of his movies, which were mainly based on sci-fi and would change depending on who was giving him money. It actually made me want to see some of the real films so I ordered them from the library, I'm guessing they're going to be hilariously bad.

5. Last Night 

 Last Night left a bad taste in my mouth. It was a random movie I just picked while ordering movies and it had Keira Knightly in it and I like her so I said what the hey! The plot is this: husband and wife go to husband's work party. Wife sees husband getting goo-goo eyed and flirty with his hot coworker. He's leaving on a business trip the next night. Wife is angry, and for good reason. Husband sleeps with hot coworker on the business trip. Meanwhile, wife runs into her secret ex that she's never told her husband about, doesn't have sex with him, but sleeps in the same bed with him and allows his friends to believe she is single. At the end neither one confesses all of this horribleness. Ugh, I don't condone cheating, physical or emotional at all so it just mad me upset. I don't really recommend this one.

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