Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cinema at Home #14

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1. Edward Scissorhands

I LOVE this movie. Edward Scissorhands is such a cute awkward character, he's just so misunderstood. I love the ridiculous exaggerations of 1950s suburbia. Edward is a creation of an old inventor who lived in this very dark mansion on top of a hill that loomed over the very colorful town below. Before he could finish Edward by giving him real hands instead of scissors, he died. Edward is found by a nosy Avon lady who brings him home with her and he becomes a celebrity in town. He falls in love with the Avon lady's daughter, who eventually finds a soft spot in her heart for him as well.
2. What's Eating Gilbert Grape

Two of my favorite actors together in one movie? Perfect! Johnny Depp and a young Leonardo DiCaprio play two brothers, Leo is mentally disabled and Johnny is his main caretaker as their mother is extremely obese and has a hard time being mobile. They have two sisters as well. They live in a rural town and every year RVs come through and it brings through a lot of new people. Johnny's character, Gilbert, finds himself in a bit of a love triangle between the married housewife he's been seeing and a new girl who came in with the RVs and is kind to his brother and doesn't make fun of his mother. The movie highlights their struggles as a family and how they overcome them.
3. Chocolat

Chocolat is about a mother and daughter who move to this very religious and strict French town and defy all of their laws, most offensively by opening a Chocolate shop. The woman teaches the townspeople that it is okay to break some of their strict laws and shows them that they will be happier. This only happens after they were brainwashed into believing she was a bad influence. Also, there is a ton of delicious looking chocolate throughout the movie and you'll want to eat the screen.

4. Cry Baby

Another silly Johnny Depp movie. It's set in the 1950s, Johnny is part of the bad crowd ("the drapes"), his crew deck out in leather, long hair, unorthodox dancing, cigarettes, and he woos over the girls by shedding a single tear. He does just this to one of the "squares" Alison, and she falls head over heels. They have to fight to be together, Johnny ends up in juvenile detention, singing all the way. This movie makes fun of teen musicals, but in a funny way!

5. Love Never Dies

 I'm so happy I finally watched this, I've had the soundtrack for years but I've never actually seen the musical. This is the sequel to Phantom of the Opera, and it's beautiful. Christine is married to Raoul and they have their son Gustave, who is actually the Phantom's son. Raoul and the Phantom battle for Christine's love. I absolutely love this musical, Phantom is in my top three favorite musicals of all time so I knew it's sequel wouldn't let me down. "Beneath a Moonless Sky" is my favorite song. Go listen and watch this amazing musical right now!

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