Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lovely to See You 2014!

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Happy New Year!! It's 2014!! Last night was seriously one of the best New Year's Eve's I've ever had. Maybe other people feel this way too, but New Year's Eve is usually way too overhyped and even though you're with your friends and loved ones you're just kind of like "yeah this doesn't look like what happens in New York when the ball drops". 

This year I went with my friend Amelia and we met up with our friend Sarah (not pictured, I couldn't get her to stand still long enough. Sarah=dancing machine!) to see Wesley Bright and the Hi-Lites perform a New Year's Eve concert.  They are a semi-local band from Akron, Ohio and they play 60s soul dance music. They were amazing! I've seen their name around town before so they're pretty popular but I hadn't gotten around to seeing them until now. Wesley Bright's voice is so good, so good, so good, and the band's sound was so professional! They played mostly orginal songs but did a few covers. My favorite cover was "Try a Little Tenderness" by Otis Redding. I've loved that song ever since Ducky lip synched and danced it in that scene in Pretty in Pink.

We met some fun people, everyone dressed up pretty retro, lots of guys in suits, girls in 60s wiggle dresses and circle skirts, it was like we were back in time! We danced almost the whole time, the band played for an hour, we had to take a breather when they went offstage for a half hour, and then we counted down to midnight and danced our way into 2014!

How was your New Year's Eve?

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