Monday, January 6, 2014

The Weather Outside is Frightful....

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Top: H&M//Skirt: Target//Boots: Target//Tights: We Love Colors//Scarf: Knit By Me

Here is my first outfit post of 2014, brought to you courtesy of a brand new camera! I got a beautiful new camera for Christmas, it's a Nikon Coolpix L320. This is a bridge camera, meaning it's a bit more advanced than a point and shoot but it's not a DSLR. I can already tell a quality difference between my pictures using this camera and my old one, but I'm disappointed that when I upload them to Blogger they look pretty much the same. Maybe this is a Blogger issue?

My new pride and joy :)

Here in Ohio and all along most of the East Coast there has been a terrible winter storm and it has been SO COLD. I mean single digits with wind chills below zero! We actually had a blizzard last Thursday and we were sent home from work early. Since it's been so cold, I took advantage of this time and have been knitting like crazy. I finished up two identical cowls that I made for my mom and I, and two neck bow-tie scarves (what would you call them?) including the one I'm wearing in the pictures!

I wore this outfit on Saturday when I went to my friend Mike's birthday party. I went with two of my other friends to meet Mike and his wife and in-laws at a winery in Madison, Ohio. It was a lot of fun, I got to try a sampler of different sweet, mainly fruity wines and there was a live band so it was really nice. The band took requests so of course I requested an Elvis song and they played "Teddy Bear"! I was super excited!

How was your first week of the new year? Hopefully warmer than mine!

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