Friday, February 7, 2014

A Response to Marianne's "Dare"

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Last week I was reading through my blogroll and a post by Marianne of Esme and the Laneway popped up titled Dare. Marianne is a stunning vintage blogger from Australia and the point of her post (which is brief so you should pop over and read it!) is that she received a comment from someone who felt that fashion blogging is just about girls who think they're pretty and like taking pictures of themselves.

Marianne's response was dead on, she said that she loves blogging and reading blogs because of the people, and not just because they're "pretty" and I agree. I wouldn't ever want people to think that I blog because I think I'm pretty or better than someone else. I blog because I really love style and the blogging commmunity is a great way to share this passion.

I also don't solely read fashion blogs. One of my absolute favorite bloggers is Payton of Payton Place. She doesn't post often and she has posted a style post of two, but she mainly focuses on issues that are most dear to her; art, music, and life. I also read blogs that have no pictures at all and the writer is just sharing their thoughts with the world. Blogging is an outlet which we should not be shamed for no matter what the topic is you wish to write about or show through your photos.

(P.S. Sorry the bookshelf is back so soon, I was rushing to take pictures before work so it just happened!)

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