Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lady Fashion Crush: Brigitte Bardot

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When I think of Brigitte Bardot, I think of gorgeous hair and the epitome of 1960s style. Brigitte was a model, actress, singer, and now is an animal rights activist. She even donated a boat to the Sea Shepherd Coservation Society, who had that show called Whale Wars that fought against illegal whalers. But, back to style...

Wiggle dresses are so classic, I love how it looks to have a bit of sheen to the material and the simple necklace as it's only accessory.

When I saw this picture I went to circle skirt heaven! The plaid is great, it's kind of country vintage.

If I could wear an outfit similar to this everyday I would. I love the stripes, pencil skirt and the cardigan. The wide headband is so cute too!

What do you think of Brigitte's style?

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